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  • Dexter Hastings

Playing With Fire Show Review

Showdown Entertainment

Plying With Fire

The 2nd of December saw Showdown Entertainment hosted there Christmas show “Playing With Fire” at Pryzm night club Board street. I was at the show but was a bit busy reffing and preparing for my own fight for a senior title.

The Birmingham Boxing Column has compiled the results from the night and and some of the key moments of the fights.

Fight 1

3 x 2

Mason Cadmen v Payman Smith

2nd knockout

Cadmen Wins

Fight 2

3 x 2

Scott Clark v Lee Gordon

2nd round Knockout

Clark wins

Fight 3

3 x 2

Stuart Taylor v Sam Carser

Points win


Fight 4

3 x 2

Jamie Alder v Ross Jordan

1st Round Knockout

Alder Wins

Fight 5

3 x 2

Taurus Zaman v Micky Carpenter

Zaman wins on points

Zaman slightly out worked Carpenter, Carpenter went threw the motions and kept himself safe.

Fight 6

3 x 2

Nathaniel Macintosh v Josh Taylor

Macintosh wins on points

Macintosh had to deal with a boxer who had came to service, Taylor made it very hard for Macintosh to ply his skills by going with his head, holding and grabbing at every opportunity. He was warned several time for this and had multiple points deducted. Taylor was also put down by a good shot from Macintosh.

This fight was a very good learning curve for the skillful Macintosh as he was stopped from showing his skills.

Fight 7

4 x 2


Super Middleweight title

Ricky Grimshaw v Jamie Gelder

Grimshaw wins points

Grimshaw retained his title against late replacement Gelder as Kyle Unett did not turn up for the show.

Fight 8

4 x 2


Lightweight title

Nico Ogbeide v Adams Muhammad

Nico retained retained his Showdown title and won Muhammad Saxon title to become a 3 time champion.

I asked Nico for a comment on the fight and a potential rematch, Nico said “it was a good fight for me because I had to graft for the win. This time it wasn’t all plain sailing and I think showed a lot of people I can dig deep and grind out a win if i have too and can also take a good shot. It was a rematch against a lad I had previously lost too, when I took a fight with him at short notice so I knew exactly what I needed to do to get the win this time round and went and done it. That was only my 9th boxing fight and I'm a 3 time champion now so just wanna keep getting the rounds in next year and now I’ve gotta get another title to catch up with you, but yeah I will get that next year and keep getting more experience and just taking it slow for now. I’ve said before id love to become a professional boxer in the future as I love the sport and so many recognizable people are telling me I’ve got the talent too, so thats what I plan to do after some more experience”.

Fight 9

3 x 2

Brad Thomas v Darrell Hughes

Thomas wins 2nd round Knockout

Fight 10

4 x 2


Senior heavyweight title

Dexter Hastings v Malcolm Stowe

Stowe came out strong at the start of the first round with some of his signature lefts and rights, Hastings moved away well and caught Stowe with some good jabs and right hands. Stowe seemed half a second behind Hastings threw out the 4 rounds where Hastings moved around the ring slipping shots and really seemed to be enjoying the fight.


Hastings wins

40 – 36

Hastings 4 times 2 weight champion.