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Unlicensed Boxer Ahmad Ali

Unlicensed Boxer Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Ali Is a 31 year old unlicensed boxer from Blackheath Rowley Regis. Nicknamed Chemical Ali the featherweight/ Bantamweight orthodox fighter has had 6 fights winning 4 and drawing 2 with one knockout to his name.

The 5 foot 3 fighter boxes out of Focus Gym and is trained by Zak Ripper, Mr C and Hamood Moshen.

I asked Ahmed who his favourite boxer was and why? Ahmed gave me an in-depth answer, he said “Guillermo Rigondeaux, he won seven Cuban national championships (2000-2006), two Olympic gold medals (2000 & 2004), and two amateur world championships (2001 & 2005). Rigondeux claimed an amateur record of 463-12. His last losses came against Rencise Perez and Bekzat Sattarkhanov in 1998, Waldemar Font in 1999, and Agasi Mamedov in 2003.

Rigondeaux was able to successfully defect in February 2009. He was taken out of Cuba on a cramped smuggler’s boat and delivered to Miami, where he joined Lara, who had defected the previous June. Both signed promotional deals with Arena Box.

In only his seventh professional bout, Rigondeaux won the interim WBA super bantamweight title with a twelve-round split decision against Ricardo Cordoba on November 13, 2010.

Rigondeaux captured the full WBA super bantamweight title on January 20, 2012 by knocking out Rico Ramos with a body shot in round six.

In April 2013, Rigondeux upset Nonito Donaire by a twelve-round unanimous decision to unify the WBA and WBO super bantamweight titles.

Freddie Roach said himself his the best boxer he has ever seen yet to come, I love him I watch him everyday”.

The best fight he has seen is Ward v Gatti 1.

Ahmad has been boxing for 1 year and has recently got back into the sport, he was inspired to take up the noble art because he said he was super strong in weights and thought he could transfer his power to boxing,

Ahmad his hardest fight was against Alan Lyshgat, Ahmad informed me “I drew with him, but he got robbed his a experienced fighter and a friend’.

Ahmad then informed me “I fell into the party life and got to big for my boots thinking it was

only Unlicensed boxing. Now I'm back 18 weeks drug free after a year out.

I met former heavyweight world champion Larry Homes and asked him how long I have got left in me? He told me 4 years, I think I can fight till I'm 45.

My younger brothers are stuck in a civil war in Yemen and my dad has just died. My mom is proud of me and as long as I am smiling and that I can make my dad proud I will feel like a world champion.

I am raising money for my little brothers school”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Ahmad has been through some hard times and is raises money for a good course through his boxing. He comes a cross a positive person who is using boxing to directed his life in the right direction. Ahmad has said he wants to box until he is 45, as now I have just turned 46 and had my final bout a few weeks ago winning a senior title against a former 2 times champion who was 10 years my younger I can tell Ahmad it is more than possible. The Birmingham Boxing Column will looks forward to seeing what Ahmad does in boxing.

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