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Nasser Al-Harbi Exciting Birmingham Pro

Nasser Al-Harbi Exciting Birmingham Pro

Nasser Al-Harbi is a professional light middleweight boxer from Birmingham. Know as “Notorious” the 27 year old 5 foot 11 orthodox boxer has had 20 amateur fights and has won 19 and has acquired the WBC International Challenge Welterweight Title.

Nasser boxed out of Hall Green ABC and is trained by his father Naji Al-Harbi.

I asked Nasser who his favorite boxer is. He told me “Sugar Ray Leonard his speed and combination punching was amazing. He had everything speed power technique and a great chin and plenty of heart”. The best fight he has watched is Hagler v Hearns.

I asked Nasser how long has has been boxing, he informed me “I have been boxing since I was 11 years old but was probably training from about the age of 9 or 10. When asked what inspired him to take up the noble art Nasser said “When I was young my father had tapes of loads of fighters and he even had a small little gym in his garage. One day I decided to work out with him and I never looked back since”.

My final question was, what has been your hardest fight to date? Nasser I formed me “I would say my toughest fight would have to of been against Emanuelle Della Rosa who was ranked no 3 with the WBC at the time. He had a lot of experience on me at the time, and was slightly more intelligent in the ring than l expected”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Nasser is a seasoned boxer with a great pro record and has a good pedigree boxing out of Hall Green as an amateur.

I wasn’t too familiar with Nasser boxing skills, but have watched a few of his fights and I must say I was impressed. He moves well around the ring, he has fast hands is confident with a touch of cockiness (which is not a bad thing) which makes up all the attributes to got far in the noble art, I look forward to writing about Nasser winning more titles.

Nasser Al-Harbi Highlights

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