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Langford v Cunningham Could be on


Langford v Cunningham

Could be on

After being mentioned in the Birmingham boxing column’s end of year review as one of the fights the column would like to see, there are now talks of Tommy Langford and Craig Cunningham getting it on for the British Middleweight title. Craig who shocked the boxing masses by beating 20 to 1 odds and beating former Olympic medalist Anthony the Ogogo and winning the W.B.C International title.

Langford v Cunningham was the match I had on my wish list for this year and rumors have mounted that the people looking after Langford's affairs are

in talks with Cunningham’s manager Jon Pegg about another massive show in Birmingham.

I contacted Craig Cunningham and Jon Pegg to see if they could shine any light on this potential massive title fight. Craig said “There's been a lot of talk about it, but until contracts are signed nothing is guaranteed, obviously I would love the fight but just at the moment we are just waiting”.

Jon Pegg, Craig's manager informed me “its a great fight for Birmingham and Tommy is the deserved favorite, Craig’s run of victories lately gives us huge confidence in his ability to pull off the win and take home the belt. Tommy and Tom Chaney are good friends of ours and this really is just business for that night, afterwards our good relationship will still be there”. I then asked Jon if this fight had been confirmed or are the contracts being sorted? He told me “ they are just being sorted, there should be announced in the next few days I expect”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What an exciting fight this will be, Tommy is the Champ and would obviously be the favorite. But with run Craig is on and the conferences he must have at the moment you can not count him out. This was on the Birmingham boxing column’s wish list for 2017 and I am looking forward to this fight. Hopefully it will be held in Birmingham and cement Birmingham’s ever growing foot hold in British boxing.

2017 is looking like another great year for boxing In Birmingham and the Black Country.

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