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Brad Thomas Unlicensed light welterweight.

Brad Thomas is a Unlicensed fighter from Acocks Green Birmingham who has fought at welter and light welterweight. The 5 foot 9 orthodox fighter has a record of 6 wins and 1 defeat and boxes out of Hall Green and his main coach is Gary Turner.

I asked Brad who his favourite fighter was and why? He told me “it has to be Mike Tyson, for his pure ruthlessness and having no fear, it was a shame his mental welfare wasn't helped more by the people around him”.

The best fight Brad has seen is Gatti v Ward, Brad said one word to describe these 2 fighters he said “warriors”.

Brad informed me he has been boxing for 2 years and said he was inspired to boxes because he loves the challenge of man vs man. He told me “ I have always been competitive and a hard worker, many people told me to try it out and the rest is history”.

What has been your hardest fight? He told me “It had to be the fight I lost, I hate making excuses but I felt his weight difference in the ring, he was a big heavy hitter who was game for a scrap. I got put down twice and the decision was split, that in itself shows how I performed, it was a tough night but I learned a lot from it”.

My final question was how do you feel the fight will go against 3 times Lightweight champ Nico Ogbeide on the showdown show? Brad said “I've watched Nico’s last fight, he's a talent, which is why I called him out. This game is about challenging yourself at all times, Nico is my next challenge. I've had fights with sluggers, people who run etc. I want a good fight, a boxing match, a game of chess, I know I'll get that with Nico. He's clearly game, accepting 4 x 3 min rounds so I'm really, really excited about this bout. It's a chance to put on a performance against a well respected boxer,12 minutes inside the ring going at it,I know I'm game but is he”?

Brad finish the interview by saying “l Just want you all to know I always show up for a fight on point, fit and ready for war. You will never get an easy night against me and I wear my heart on my sleeve”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Brad has a good unlicensed record and is aiming to taken on the best and Nico is by far one of the best in the Birmingham unlicensed scene. This is a cracking fight for the Showdown entertainment lightweight title, Nico is the champ and I think Brad will have his work cut out, but Brad is determined to show his ring craft and out class the champ. The Birmingham boxing column is happy to put the Bbcolumn lightweight Challenge belt up for this exciting fight. I look forward to refereeing these warriors and reporting on this fight.

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