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Box School Show Review

Box School Show

Paragon Hotel Digbeth

Box School had there first show of 2017 at the Paragon hotel Digbeth (3/3/2017) and I was there as referee for the 6 bout unlicensed/white collar show. With T.V presenter Amelia Grant comparing the show and making a very welcome change from the mostly male orientated job and the Legs 11 ring girls the stage was set for a entertaining night of boxing.

Fight 1

Martin Redford v Phil Redford

3 x 2

Good start to the night with Martin Redford winning every round in this bout of boxing, both boxers looked very raw but gave a good account of themselves.


Martin Redford wins points

30 – 27

Fight 2

Liam White v Glen Weldon

3 x 2

White put the pressure on from the start putting Weldon down in the first round with some heavy shots. Weldon took an 8 count and managed to continue. White then went for it and put Weldon down again, Weldon could not beat the count and I stoped the fight.


White wins 1st round stoppage

Fight 3

Nathan Bendon v Matt Walker

3 x 2

Bendon one of Fightden’s rising stars world Walker from the start of this fight with cracking combinations to the head and the body. Walker was dropped twice in the first after taking some hurtful body shots and was able to continue and see out the first round. Bendon continued the onslaught in the second and I will give Walker great credit for some of the body shot he endured, but eventually theory shots took there toll and Walker was stopped after being put down in the second.


Bendon wins 2nd round stoppage

Fight 4

Joe Roberts v Thomas Doherty

3 x 2

Roberts took control of his fight from the start dropping Doherty in the first round, Doherty took an 8 count and covered up to see out the first round. In the second Doherty had went into survival mode and it was just a matter of time before he was put down and he failed to beat he count.


Roberts wins 2nd round stoppage

Fight 5

Ammo Singh v Steven Guilder

3 x 2

Cracking fight with Ammo just edging the first round in front of his big following. In the second it seemed to go all wrong for Ammo as Guild caught him with a right hand putting him down, Ammo got up, he looked shaken but got to the end of the round.the 3rd was fairly even but with the backing of his fans Ammo pulled out a shot from no where and put Guild down, Guild got to his feet and saw out the round but with that knockdown had handed the fight to Ammo.


Ammo wins points

28 – 27

Fight 6

Conal Dowling v Luke Edwards

3 x 2

With massive backing for both fighters the stage was set for great fight and the fighters did not let anyone down. The first round was even with both boxers going for it from the first bell. In the second the pace slowed but both fighters got some good shots off with Dowling winning this round with the eye catching shots. The third round was a cracker with both sets of supporters cheering there fighters on, Dowling took this round as well but credit has got to Edwards who kept going and fought hard throughout the fight.


Dowling wins Points

30 – 28

Dexter’s Thoughts

Box Schools first show of the year went off really well, the boxing was raw and a bit scrappy at time but as a lot of the fighters are fairly new to the sport it was understandable. There was one fighter who really caught my eye and that was Fightden’s Nathan Bendon, I've been informed that he may well be turning pro soon and on this display tonight and his shot selection and body shot he will be a welcome addition the the professional ranks. There was a very loud crowd watching the show and it was great to see such a great atmosphere for such a small show. I have refereed at much bigger shows and I can say the atmosphere hasn’t been as good. The Birmingham boxing column looks forward to hopefully refereeing and reporting on Box schools next show.

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