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Fist of Fury 2

Fists of Fury 2

Fightden, Blood Sweat and Tears proudly present Fists of Fury 2 sanctioned by the Semi-Professional Boxing Federation (SPBF). The show will be held at the H-Suite Edgbaston on Friday 31st March with a card of 18 fights. Their last show was a great success with over 800 fight fans attending and the show raising £7800 (yes you read this right seven thousand eight hundred pounds) for a young girl who was in need of a electric wheelchair. For this show Fists of Fury 2 will be raising money for Tyen Rogers, a British solider who lost a leg while on tour in Afghanistan, Tyen will also be boxing on the show. With Fightden, DnA, pad fitand Frankie Gavins gym showcasing there boxers I can see all the bouts being very competitive and hard fought, I am looking forward to a great night of boxing.

Also the big news for the Fists of Fury 2 show is the announcement that myself Dexter Hastings a 4 time 2 weight unlicensed champ with over 4 years of experience in refereeing will be reffing this massive show. With the likes of Nathan Bendon, Luke Cogan, Josh Hodgins and former Midlands SPBF champ Matmoo on the bill and with the fights all being fought in 10 ounce gloves, this show is set to be a cracker.

Boxer to Watch - Nathan Bendon, hurtful body shots and great technique, will be following in Jordan Lynch’s shoes and heading to the pros very soon.

Tickets are available from the boxers and cost £25 standard and £35 VIP which includes waitress service and food.

Doors open at 6pm and the fights start prompt at 7pm.

H-Suite Ickneld port road Edgbaston B16 0AA

(2 minutes from Broad street)

Dexter’s Thoughts

I can't wait for this show, the H-suite is a great venue to hold a boxing show with Professional shows also being held there. The promoter is expecting yet another sell out show and to raise some serous money for a good cause. I was truly impressed and inspired to ref this show when I was shown how much they raised for a young girls wheelchair in there last one. £7800 is an amazing amount of cash to give to a great cause. You have to be inspired when you hear that Tyen Rodgers will boxing on the show after he lost a leg in Afghanistan, this will be an example to everyone that you can overcoming anything if you put your mind to it. It is even inspiring me to dust off the gloves again at the age of 46, but if I did it would have to be for a title of some kind. The Birmingham Boxing Column will be doing a report on this show and a review on the fighters.

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