• Dexter Hastings

Fightden/DnA- Fists of Fury 2 review

Fists of Fury 2

Fight Review

Fightden and DnA held there first show of the year in front of a packed out H-Suite in

Edgbaston Birmingham, myself Dexter Hastings was the official referee for the night with 3 judges calling the victors outside the ring. With the ring girls supplied by Legs 11 Hurst st, over 800 plus in attendance and with 17 bouts of Semi-Pro boxing the seen was set for a cracking night of the sweet science.

The Birmingham Boxing Column was there to report on the show.

Fight 1

Harvest Ainsworth v Tom Simms


Good start to the night close fight both fighters had a good go.

Judges Result

Ainsworth wins Split Decision

Fight 2

Josh Hodgins v Michael Fitzpatrick


Cracking fight both boxers gave it there all, another close fight, I had Hodgins just edging it.

Judges Result


Fight 3

Tony Dek v Jamies Houston


Dek started the fight well dominating the first 2 rounds, Houston came back in the 3rd putting Dek down with some good body shots. Dek took a 8 count and continued but was put down again with some more body shots and the ref stoped the fight.


Houston wins 3rd round stoppage

Fight 4

Eliot Moseley v Tommy Gun Gore


Moseley knocked Gore down in the 1st and 2nd rounds Gore kept going and saw the fight out.

Judges Result

Moseley wins points

Fight 5

Reiss Larvin v Kestutis Neniskis


Hard fought first round, Larvin took control in the second and the ref stoped the fight in the third as Neniskis was unable to continue.


Larvin wins 3rd Round Stoppage.

Fight 6

Jake Mulpeter v Adam Vernon


Mulpeter stopped Veron in the first round with some heavy shot Veron was unable to continue.


Mulpeter wins first round stoppage.

Fight 7

Baker Breaker v Joe Flyin


Hard fought fight, very close I had Flyin winning the bout but it went to the judges and was a split decision.

Judges results

Breaker wins Split decision

Fight 8

Ben Fields v Anthony Miller


First was hard fought but Fields nicked it, the second was again well contested with Fields scoring a knockdown. Miller took the count and ended the round well. In the third both fighters went for it and were both looking for a knockout, Fields caught Miller with a tremendous left hook which put him down and out. Millers was already out before he hit the floor, there was no count as I took his gum shield out and turned him on his side. The paramedics were in the ring straight away and took over. Miller was treated in the ring and recovered after a few minutes and walked out of the ring and was seen having a well deserved pint.


Fields wins 3rd round KO

Fight 9

Luke Cogan v Andy Paterson


This was a cracking match former pro Paterson had came to tested the young Cogan, Cogan nicked thee first round With Paterson coming on strong in the second. The third round was a full on battle, I had Cogan winning the fight when the final bell went.

Judges results

Cogan wins Split decision

After a interval where food was severed to the VIP’S the show continued.

Fight 10

Nathan Bendon v Gary Smith


Bendon took his time against his next victim, dropping him in the first round with a heavy body shot. Smith got up and got to the end of the round. In the second Bendon took his time again and waited forehand perfect time to bang in a even heavier body shot which doubled up Smith in the corner I gave him a count but called the fight off as he was unable to continue.


Bendon wins 2nd round stoppage

Fight 11

Stuart Marley v Jay Gilder


Gilder started well and won the first round, but Marley came back well dropping Gilder twice in the second. Marley continued to dominate the third with Gilder looking to see out the final round.

Judges results

Marley wins unanimous decision

Fight 12

Marcus Robins v Josh Lattarmer


Lattarmer started surprisingly well and done enough in the first to get a 10/10 round. Lattarmer started the round well again but when Robins moved in Lattarmer went down and again surprised me by getting back up. It was only a matter of time from then on till Lattarmer went down again when Robins caught him with a flurry of punches, I got to the count of 10 and counted him out.


Robins wins 2nd round stoppage

Fight 13

Damion Gardner v Dan Podmore


Tough fight with the 2 heavyweights banging in shots, it was a fairly even fight but Gardner got some cracking clean shots in which Podmore took well but cost him the fight.

Judges results

Gardner won on points

Fight 14

Glenn Weldon v Tyne Rogers


A truly inspirational match with Rogers who had lost a leg while doing a tour of duty in Afghanistan competing in this fight. No favours were given or asked for as both fighter stepped into the ring. Rogers took control from the very start and moved around the ring better than most abled body fighters. With great movement and good shot selection Rogers cruised to a points win.

Judges decision

Rogers win unanimous decision

Fight 15

Dave Timmins v Joe Broadley

3 x2

Broadley started strong and stopped Timmins in the first round.

Result Broadley wins 1st round stoppage

Fight 16

Neil Rigby v Isak Gibbs


Rigby controlled this fight from the start, and got some good shots off. Isak who has had over 160 fights covered up well and kept himself protected to see out the 3 rounds.

Judges results

Rigby wins unanimous decision

Fight 17

Ashley Ayre v Rob Bushell


Close contested fight with myself having it scored 2 to red and 1 even, but all the round were close.

Judges Decision

Ayre wins Split decision

Dexter’s Thoughts

Fists of Fury 2 was a great show to be at and a even better show to be the official referee for, the quality of boxing was of a very high standard and with the boxers wearing 10oz gloves there was little room for errors. With 4 gyms supplying the majority of the boxers, ie Fightden, DnA, H-Suite and Frankie Gavins gym it was always going to be a great night of boxing.

High point for me were Ben Fields brutal KO victory, Nathan Bendon nearly breaking his opponent in half with his body shots, but the biggest highlight has to be Tyne Rogers who go into the square circle after concocring adversity after losing a leg on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. This way a amazing achievement just to step in the ring let alone win the fight. Tyne is a inspiration to everyone that you can achieve anything you want if you want it enough.

Mixed between the 800 plus fans supporting the fighters there were also quite a few pro fighters watching the show from the VIP seats, their was Jordan Lynch, Keicie Ball, Ishmael Ellis, Marcus Ffrench, strength and conditioning coach and former pro Max Maxwell and also Frankie Gavin. To me this says a lot for the Fightden and Blood Sweat and Tears for putting on such a great show.

Comments from the Pro’s would attended Fists of Fury 2.

Jordan Lynch – “Fists of Fury 2 was an Absolute cracking show, one of the best shows I have been too the atmosphere was better than pro show I have been too. The two heavyweights put on a right tear up for the fans to get stuck in too. Fair play to both lads who left everything in the ring and showed massive heart.

The lads from Fightden showed great boxing skills and Determination Nathan stopping his opponent with a cracking body shot and baker was in a very tough fight and definitely had to give it his all to get the win. Shaun's son Luke Cogan boxed brilliant against a very tough opponent who never took a step back but Luke showed skill boxing on the back foot. Ben showed he has big punching power winning with a devastating Ko. I was glad to see his opponent getting the respect off the croud while the ambulance staff took care of him. I fought Josh Hodgins who his fight and was annoyed that the judges gave it a draw but this is boxing. Overall was a fantastic show and fair play to the promoters for organizing the whole thing”.

Keicie Ball – “What a great show and I was pleasantly surprised with some of the talent on

the white collar circuit. Fighters giving it there all to impress the fans is what boxing is about. Friends and family paying good money to see them box is what makes the shows as well. Really enjoyed it”.

Marcus Ffrench – “Friday was a good show, had a great crowd and a good atmosphere, the had some good match ups too”

Ishmael Ellis – “Fridays fight night at the H-suite was packed with some very good talent, it was one of the most exciting white collar shows I’ve been to in a while. The match ups where even, no miss matches some real good kos and even the boxing talent was on point the crowd where unreal great atmosphere loads of noise getting behind there boys enjoyed it very much 8/10 from me”.

Max Maxwell – “Didn't watch all the show my youngest fell asleep but what I did see was very good, the standard was good and for amateurs and lads that's been around the boxing circuit for years but don't want the hassle or politics of professional boxing its not a bad route there have been many people who say there are no such thing as semi pro boxing including myself but the standards are improving and there is definitely a place for it as long as safety comes first”.