• Dexter Hastings

Fightden/DnA- Fists of Fury 2 review

Fists of Fury 2

Fight Review

Fightden and DnA held there first show of the year in front of a packed out H-Suite in

Edgbaston Birmingham, myself Dexter Hastings was the official referee for the night with 3 judges calling the victors outside the ring. With the ring girls supplied by Legs 11 Hurst st, over 800 plus in attendance and with 17 bouts of Semi-Pro boxing the seen was set for a cracking night of the sweet science.

The Birmingham Boxing Column was there to report on the show.

Fight 1

Harvest Ainsworth v Tom Simms


Good start to the night close fight both fighters had a good go.

Judges Result

Ainsworth wins Split Decision

Fight 2

Josh Hodgins v Michael Fitzpatrick


Cracking fight both boxers gave it there all, another close fight, I had Hodgins just edging it.

Judges Result


Fight 3

Tony Dek v Jamies Houston


Dek started the fight well dominating the first 2 rounds, Houston came back in the 3rd putting Dek down with some good body shots. Dek took a 8 count and continued but was put down again with some more body shots and the ref stoped the fight.


Houston wins 3rd round stoppage

Fight 4

Eliot Moseley v Tommy Gun Gore


Moseley knocked Gore down in the 1st and 2nd rounds Gore kept going and saw the fight out.

Judges Result

Moseley wins points

Fight 5

Reiss Larvin v Kestutis Neniskis


Hard fought first round, Larvin took control in the second and the ref stoped the fight in the third as Neniskis was unable to continue.


Larvin wins 3rd Round Stoppage.

Fight 6

Jake Mulpeter v Adam Vernon


Mulpeter stopped Veron in the first round with some heavy shot Veron was unable to continue.


Mulpeter wins first round stoppage.

Fight 7

Baker Breaker v Joe Flyin


Hard fought fight, very close I had Flyin winning the bout but it went to the judges and was a split decision.

Judges results

Breaker wins Split decision

Fight 8

Ben Fields v Anthony Miller


First was hard fought but Fields nicked it, the second was again well contested with Fields scoring a knockdown. Miller took the count and ended the round well. In the third both fighters went for it and were both looking for a knockout, Fields caught Miller with a tremendous left hook which put him down and out. Millers was already out before he hit the floor, there was no count as I took his gum shield out and turned him on his side. The paramedics were in the ring straight away and took over. Miller was treated in the ring and recovered after a few minutes and walked out of the ring and was seen having a well deserved pint.


Fields wins 3rd round KO

Fight 9