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Showdown - To Close to Call review


To Close to Call


Showdown had there first show of the year at a night club on Broad street, with lots of promotion titles on the line and some good matches in the offing the stage was set for a good night of boxing.

The Birmingham Boxing Column were not at the show as I was refereeing Fightden's and DnA ‘s Fists of Fury 2 at the H-Suite Edgebaston but I have seen some footage and can give you the main results.

Shaun Duffy retained his Showdown Promotions Heavyweight title stopping his opponent in the 1st round.

Duffy commented on his fight he said "Yan was my weight and my size, he looked well on the pads I never had 1 ounce of nerves in me and simply went out to box and be composed . I thought my movement, range and speed was exceptional and i finished it by Countering his feint jab with slip to the left.. followed by a left hook .straight right .left hook right hook ..I was very pleased with my performances . I've seen so much progress .. I'm 100 percent fit and healthy now . And my desire is to take out a few more heavy's before turning pro".

Also winning a Showdown promotion title was David Gilil who won the showdown Cruiser-weight title on points.

The main event saw Champion Nico Ogbeide defend his showdown Promotions title against Brad Thomas, from what I saw this was a cracking match with Thomas taking the title from Nico with a relentless display of boxing with the ref stepping in and stopping the contest in the final round.

This was the main fight I was interested in as the column had put a bbcolumn Challenge belt on the line for the winner. The bbcolumn challenge belts are not for one promotion they are for all the unlicensed promotions in Birmingham, with the best fighting the best and with no favors done for ether of the boxers. From what I saw of the Ogbeide Thomas fight Brad is a well deserved winner and was presented with the belt the Wednesday after his fight.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Showdown always put on a good show and had some good match ups. It was good to hear Shaun Duffy continued his winning streak and David Galil won the Cruiser-weight title he was striped of last year. But the credit has to go to Brad Thomas for winning the Showdown title but most of all winning the Bbcolumn Challenge belt. I look forward to seeing there next show in the summer.

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