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Inspirational Debut for Ex Irish Guard Tyne Rogers

Inspirational Debut for Ex Irish Guard

Tyne Rogers

Tyne Rogers is a 27 year old former 1st Battalion Irish Guard who joined the forces at the age of 16 straight after leaving school and had 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan. The 5 foot 6 welterweight made his unlicensed debut on the Fists of Fury 2 show winning on points at the H-Suite Edgbaston on the 31st March 2017.

The inspirational thing about Tyne is that in 2011 this Irish Guard lost his left leg to a IED road side bomb while on his 2nd tour of duty in Afghanistan. Tyne told me “they managed to save my right foot, I also sustained major injuries to my right arm which they battled to save and my body is is still full of shrapnel”. Tyne continued “I still struggle with daily life but I know I'm lucky to be alive”.

I asked Tyne who had never boxed before his injury and is pictured here before his first fight with his trainer Neil Hateley from Ime Paddiit why he took up the noble art? He responded by saying “I just started boxing more for the fitness side of things and when they asked me if I'd like to be in the show I thought it was a good opportunity to show how far I've come from 2011. I done two tours of Afghanistan and I enjoyed my time in the armed forces where I got to travel and it's where I made some really close friendships”.

I put the question to this inspirational man who his favorite boxer is and what has been the best fight he has seen? Tyne said “I can't say I have a firm favorite boxer as there are a few I'm fond of just because many have different styles and tactics of fighting, with the likes of Mayweather, Ricky Hatton and Triple G.

I can't pick a best fight I've seen as I've watched many good fights but I most enjoy watching Ricky Hatton and Mayweather”.

Tyne finish off our chat by saying “I’d never done any boxing before hand as I only started

about a year ago,but I've always been interested in the sport. It's helped me a lot this past year as it maintains my fitness and keeps me hitting goals I've set for myself. I like to give 100% and try not to let my injuries stop me from doing anything I enjoy.

I haven't dismissed competing again and I think if anything else did come up I'd throw myself into it because it's something I love doing and I like the challenge of it.

There were times where I wondered if my injuries would hold me back as I suffer with phantom pains and quite occasionally my stump gets sore spots, but going into the ring I knew I could push myself and achieve what I set out to do.. to win”.

“The most inspiring thing I can say is to never give up and just go for it”.

“I'd like to just thank Neil Hateley and Scott Billingham who put me forward and trained me for the fight, Also Shae Hateley who helped a lot during my training and my family and friends for all their support”.

Tynes Fight

Dexter’s Thoughts

This is by far one of the most inspiring write ups I have every done, Tyne is the epitome of the saying “Never give up”. Not only did this young man do 2 tours in Afghanistan which has mental destroyed so many British soldiers in the past but also lost a leg and sustain some terrible injuries form a IED road side bomb.

This would finish most normal people off but Tyne showed true strength and determination and a will to continue and set himself goals to achieve.

Tyne achieved a massive goal on the Fists of Fury 2 show by stepping into the squared circle, I had the honor to referee this fight and honestly I was so impressed with him, his movement and combinations were on par with any of the boxers who stepped into the ring. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Tyne, he is a inspiration to everyone, that you can achieve anything you set you mind to and that you can conquer anything that knocks you down.

The next time life knocks you down or you think you can't continue, what ever the reason, just think of Tyne and what he has overcome and archived.

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