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Shaun Cooper Making Pro debut in April

Shaun Cooper

Making Pro debut in April

Shaun Cooper is a 21 year old orthodox boxer from Walsall. The 5 foot 3 lightweight nicknamed “The Scorpion” will be making his pro debut on the 8th April at the Venue Dudley.

Shaun has had 40 amateur fights and has acquired 3 West Midland titles and boxes out of Walsall wood boxing club.

Cooper has been boxing for 5 years and is now trained and managed by Eastside's Jon Pegg, Shaun informed me his favorite boxer is Joe Calzaghe. When I asked why, Shaun told me “he is my idol and the way he boxes is just how I want to boxes, he inspires me and I want to be like him”.

I then asked the Walsall lad, what inspired him to take up the noble art of boxing? He said “What inspired me to take up boxing was that I love the sport, I like the adrenaline when it comes to a fight, I like to go in there and give it my best. I like the training, I wouldn't want to sit at home doing nothing, I want to make something of myself and I think boxing is my type of sport and it is to do. I want to achieve as much as I can being a professional boxer.

I contacted Shaun's manager Jon Pegg to give me the low down on this young fighter, Jon informed me “Shaun is another product of Sean Healy Walsall wood gym to join us after Dave Egan, Dan Breeze and Jack Okeefe. I expect Shaun to do well he's very fit, well schooled and not afraid to train hard. He is very young so we will be taking our time with him and you can expect to see him doing well within 18 months”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Shaun is making his debut on the 8th of April at the Venue Dudley, and seems determined to achieve and progress as a professional fighter, I haven't seen Shaun fight yet but I am sure with the likes of Jon Pegg and the Eastside team guiding him, his future is looking good. The Birmingham boxing column looks forward to reporting on this young Black Country fighter.

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