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Exchange at The Grange

Exchange at the Grange

MTK Promotions


Mac the Knife Promotions held their professional boxing show "Exchange at the Grange" at Tudor Grange Leisure centre Solihull consisting of 5 bouts of professional boxing. The Birmingham Boxing Column was there In the packed out hall to watch and report on some of the newest boxing talent around.

Fight 1

Super Middleweight


Jarrett Doherty v Victor Edaghu

The first round was quite even as both fighters sussed each other out, Doherty making his debut won the round by getting the better shots off, but their was not much in it. In the second Doherty took control of the fight and got some cracking shots off, the third was another good round with Edaghu stepping up the pace but Doherty matched him all the way. Doherty continued his good work rate winning the final round of his debut.


Ref - 40-36

Dexter - 40-37

Doherty wins points

After fight Interview below

Fight 2



Cornelius Ramaphala v Draper

Ramaphala took control from the start of the fight and showed great shot selection switching his stance from orthodox to southpaw when he liked. The second round saw Ramaphala shine again with some very classy boxing, in the third Ramaphala turned up the pressure and got some cracking shots off. The forth round was another master class by Ramaphala who controlled the ring and won the round with ease.


Ref - 40-36

Dexter - 40-36

Ramaphala wins points

After fight interview below

Fight 3



Sean "Big Sexy" Turner v Sokoloeski

Turner started well and dictated the fight, Sokoloeski moved well and kept out of danger, the second was another good round for Turner who again dictated the pace. In the third Sokololeski asked Turner some questions and got some good shots off, Turner continued to control the pace and just edged the round. The forth saw Turner again dictate the pace and seemed to be in banging harder shots, the 5th saw Turner turn up he pace as he banged in some heavy body shots, Sokoloeski took them well and saw the round out. The sixth round saw Sokolowski turn up the pace but Turner matched him and got the better shots off, the seventh was Sokoloski's best round and he caught Turner with some cracking shots. The 8th and final round saw both fighters go for It with Turner getting the better of the final exchange.


Ref - 75 -77 to Sokolowski

Dexter -79 - 74 to Turner

Sokoloski wins points

Fight 4