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Heavy Artillery Show Review

BCB Promotions

Heavy Artillery

Show Review


Black Country Boxing Promotions presented a night of Professional boxing at the H-Suite Edgebaston. The show had five fights on It, with four of the being over 4 x 3 minute rounds and the main event which was a title fight for the Cruiserweight British Challenge belt over 8 x 3 minute rounds. The Birmingham boxing column where there to report on the show.

Fight 1

Michael Coles v Fonz Alexander

Super Lightweight


Both fighters started brightly and got good shots off, Alexander was showing he had not just turn up to make up the numbers, but Coles edged the first round. In the second Cole stepped up the pace and worked the body well, Alexander stayed with him and got some good shots as well, but Cole won the round. The third round saw Coles take control with one cracking shots, Alexander took them well and came back with some shots of his own at the end of the round. Alexander started the round strong and caught Coles with some good shots, Coles moved around the ring well and got some good shots off, but Alexander won the round on sheer pressure.


Ref 39-38

Dexter 39-37

Coles wins on points

Fight 2

Ryan Davis v Andres Cepur



Davis started well and got his jab working well, Cepur covered up well as Davis showed good shot selection, mixing up his shots well. The second saw Davis control the round with some great combos, Davis caught Cepur with a cracking right hand near the end of the round putting him down for a 8 count. In the third Davis stepped it up and start going to the body then back to the head and then back down with a Davis's trainer a Tyler Shakespeare shouting instructions at him. Round 4 saw Davis continue his good work and make Cepur earn his money banging in some cracking shots andeing a clear winner on a impressive debt.


Ref 40-35

Dexter 40-35

Davis wins on points

Fight 3

Luke Heron (Walker) v Simone Lucas



Heron in his 6th Professional fight showed his class tonight stopping Lucas in the 4th round to continue his unbeaten record.

Full Fight and Interview Below


Heron wins ref stops fight in the 4th

Fight 4


Aaron Murphy v Mitch Mitchell


First round was quite even with Murphy nicked it with the better work rate. The second was another good round, Murphy got some cracking shots off, but Mitchell was always a threat. Round three was areal hard fought round, Mitchell stepped up the pace and so did Murphy with both fighters getting there shots off. The 4 round saw Murphy go for it and bang in some cracking shots to dominate the final round of his debut.


Ref 40 - 36

Dexter - 40 - 37

Murphy wins points

Fight 5

Main Event

British Cruiserweight Challenge Belt


Dilly Singh v Joshua Burke

Singh dominated the first round with Burke looking unsteady on his feet every time he was hit. Singh put Burke down right at the door of the round. Singh again dominated the round, Burke managed to stay on his feet and got his jab going but Singh just seemed to walk threw it. In the third Singh looked to strong for Burke to handle, Singh put Burke down half way threw the round with a cracking right hand. Burke took a 8 count and got to the end of the round. The fourth saw Singh, put Burke down again, Burke got back to his feet but the ref stopped the fight.


Singh wins 4th round Stoppage

Dexter's Thoughts

Heavy Artillery was a great show with all the home boxers winning there respective fights, Coles was impressive and so where the Saxon lads Murphy and Davis on there debuts. Luke Heron looked fantastic and got a great stoppage against a durable opponent and there is now talk of his next fight being for. British Challenge Belt. Singh looked really strong and Impressive at Cruiserweight and looked way to strong for Burke. The Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to the next show.

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