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Debutante Professional Boxer Matt Sen

Professional Boxer Matt Sen Debutante

Matt Sen is a 29 year old boxer who is making his pro debut at the Holiday Inn Birmingham on the 22nd July. The 5 foot 10 orthodox Cruiserweight had a amateur career of 13 fights winning 10 of them, Sen has also had 6 unlicensed fights winning all of them.

Matt has trained at Wolverhampton ABC, Cannock UTC,Pat Benson Boxing Academy where he is currently trained by Pete 'Carlos Christie.

I asked Sen who his favorite boxer is and why? Matt informed me "It would have to be Mike Tyson because of his ferociousness and power and Roy Jones Jnr because of his class and style".

I then asked him what is the best fight you have seen? Sen pondered or a while and said "That’s a hard question because I would be biased and lean towards a Tyson or Jones Jnr fight but the best fight I have seen recently would have to be the Klitchko Vs Joshua fight. Loved the respect the two fighters had for each other, the build up and the drive both had to get off the floor once put down and continue despite both being hurt".

Matt who has been boxing since he was 13 years old talked to me about what inspired him to take up the noble art. The man mountain said one word to me, "Bullying". He continued "I learnt at a young age I couldn't fight despite thinking I could like every young boy growing up surrounded by street culture. I took up boxing as self defense and partiality to get my own back but by the time I learnt how to fight I had gained enough discipline not to bother so continued with boxing as a sport and hobby I enjoyed".

We then got on the question of what has been his hardest fight to date? "He smiled as told me "cheesy as it may sounds, the psychological part of life is probably the hardest fight I have had. We all have different life experiences and life can hit you with all sorts of unorthodox shots but never the less we need to keep pushing forward regardless of what's thrown. I believe where your from, who you grow up with and the mistakes you make are not what defines you, but the lessons you learn from them does". #NoLossesJustLessons

Matt finished by saying "I am a cruiser-weight representing Birmingham, my goal is to climb the ladder step by step aiming to bring as much silverware back to my home town as possible and make the people of Birmingham proud".

Dexter's Thoughts

Matt is starting out on his journey in the pro game on the 22nd July at the Holiday Inn Birmingham. I have watched him train and even sparred him a few times. Matt is training very hard and Is learning more about the game everyday. He has a great trainer in Peter Christy who also trains the likes of Sean Davis, and with all the training and effort he has put in I think it will be a great debut for the debutant Pro.

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