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14 year old National champion & Golden Gloves winner Aimee-Leigh Philips

14 year old National champion & Golden Gloves winner

Aimee-Leigh Philips

Aimee-Leigh Philips is a female amateur boxer from Darlaston, known as the "Mean Machine" Aimee has taken the amateur world by storm in the 7 short months she has been boxing. Standing at 5 foot 8 and weighing 62kg, this 14 year old fighter goes out of the Darlaston Boxing Gym and Is trained by Tony Marshall.

Mark Mills who brought Aimee to my attention takes up this young inspirational female

boxer story, he told me "Aimee took up boxing 7 months ago, she walked into the gym to be welcomed by Tony Marshall who runs the club along side coaches Jay and Peyman. Aimee-Leigh picked up the noble art really quickly and committed herself to the discipline".

Mark continued "In her first fight in February 2017 at Darlistons home show, she trained hard and it payed off as she got a stoppage in the second round . Aimee-Leigh's work rate is second to none and she is always ready to box. Aimee was taken to the national championships and got to the final, she fought Paige Rose (Gino) from North Star boxing gym in Sunderland, it was a great fight which saw Aimee-Leigh take it on a split decision. She was the only fighter from the Black Country to bring home the national title and the golden gloves, She has also had an invite by one of the coaches from the England squad to go and train in Sheffield once a month at there camp".

Mark finished by saying "This is homegrown talent and Aimee-Leigh is a star".

Dexter's Thoughts

What a great story, Aimee-Leigh is an inspiration to everyone the young the old male and female that with focus and determination you can achieve your goals what ever they are. In just 7 months this 14 year girl has captured a national title and the golden gloves and has been offered a place training with the England squad. To achieve so much in so little time is great and the Birmingham Boxing Column look forwards to reporting on even more success for this young amateur.

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