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Stand and Deliver Show Review

Stand and Deliver

Tommy Owen Promotions

Holte Suite


Tommy Owens Promotions "Stand and Deliver"at the Holte Suite Villa Park, where some of the best talent n Birmingham and the Black Country. Their were seven bouts on the show with 2 six rounders and five 4 rounders, all over 3 minute rounds. The Birmingham Boxing Column were there to report on the show.

Fight 1

Jack O'Keefe v Mathew Ashmore

Super welterweight

4 x 3

O'Keefe started strong and controlled the round with some tidy boxing, Ashmore stayed with him but O'Keefe won the first. The second was another good round for O'Keefe, Ashmore put up a good fight but O'Keefe won the round on work rate. The third saw Ashmore really put it on O'Keefe, O'Keefe matched him all the way and finished the round stronger. The final round was well fought by both fighters with it ending even.


Dexter - 40 - 37

Ref - 39 - 37

O'Keefe wins on points decision.

full fight Below

Interview Below

Fight 2

Jordan Lynch v Lewis Van Poetsch


4 x 3

Lynch started his second fight of his career with real Intent, he banged in some cracking shots to his opponent and controlled the start of the round. The tide turned against Lynch when he was caught cold with (the Southpaws Curse) a cracking straight right hand which put Lynch to the canvas for the first time. Lynch seemed to panic a bit and got straight back up, the ref counted him and he was allowed to continued.

Van Poetsch moved back in for the stoppage, with Lynch not yet recovered from the first knock down he went down again. Lynch got up but after the ref had had a look at him, Sean Messer called the fight over with 1 minute 54 seconds on the timer giving Van Poetsch a shock victory.


Van Poetsch wins 1st round stoppage

fight below

Fight 3

Shakan Pitters v Javgenus Andrejevs


4 x 3

Pitters dominated the first round, Andrejevs looked unsteady at times from some great hurtful shots from Pitters, but got threw the round. The second saw the Shak attack continue with Pitters doing what he wanted to do. Andrejevs had no answer for Pitters dominance and just managed to see the round out. By the end of the third you just had to give Andrejevs credit for still being In there, Pitters hit him with every shot in the book and he managed to take them all and get to the end of the round. The final round was yet again dominated by the big man Pitters with Andrejevs some how getting to the end of the fight still on his feet.


Dexter - 40 -36

Ref - 40 - 36

Pitters wins on points

Interview Below

Full fight Below

Fight 4

Ishmael Ellis v Danny Little

Super Lightweight

4 x 3

Ellis moved round the ring well and kept It nice and slick with some fast hard combinations, all Little did in the first was chase shadows. The second saw Little step up the pace, Ellis kept up his nice slick movement and won the round. At the start of the third Ellis went to town with his jab catching Little with several of them. Ellis moved well and got his shots off on the back foot while Little pressured him and tried to hunt him down. The final round was a hard fought one with Ellis being drag Into a tare up with Little, Little showed he had came to fight and Ellis obliged him going toe to toe, Ellis could have won this round much easier If he had continued to boxes the way he had for the first three.


Dexter 40 -37

Ref - 39 - 38

Ellis wins on points

Full Fight


Fight 5

Craig Cunningham v William Warburton

Light middleweight

6 x 3

Cunningham started steady and just checked out his opponent, he stepped up the pace in the second part of the round with some good shot selection. The second saw Warburton get some good shots off, but Cunningham had a good guard and blocked most of them. Cunningham continued his good shot selection going to the head then the body and nicked the round.

Round three Cunningham took the centre of the ring and stork his opponent down, Warburton moved well, but did not really throw any telling shots.The forth saw Cunningham take the centre of the ring and boss the round, getting some good body shot in and then going to the head.

Warburton had a go in the 5th but Cunningham stood his ground and controlled the round with some good shots. The final round Cunningham started fast and set a high pace, Warburton matched the WBC International Champ and got some good shots off in this round.


Dexter - 60 - 55

Ref - 60 - 54

Cunningham wins points

Interview Below

Fight 6

Kelcie Ball v Kieron Grey

Light middleweight

4 x 3

Ball seemed to take his frustrations out of not getting a 6 rounder tonight out on Grey, Ball controlled the round and got some cracking shots off. The second saw another classy round from Ball, with some great shot selection and combinations.The third was another master class from Ball with great combinations and shot selection again. In the final round Ball picked up the pace and picked off Grey with some fast combinations and crisp shots.


Dexter - 40 - 36

Ref 40 - 36

Ball wins on points

Fight Below

interview below

Fight 7

Brad Foster v Brett Fidoe

Super Flyweight

6 x 3

Fidoe started the first round well and was definitely not here to just make up the numbers, matching the much fancied Foster all the way. The second was another even round with both fighters getting good shots off but their was nothing between them, the third was the same with this being one of the most even fights I have ever seen.

The forth round was yet another even one with great skill shown by both boxers, Foster just edged this round with some good combos near the end of the round. The 5th was another very close round with Foster again just nicking it with the better work rate and some nice combos. The final round saw Fidoe go for it and worked Foster hard, Foster moved well but Fidoe won this round to end a great fight.


Dexter - 59 - 58

Ref 58 - 58


full fight below

Dexter's Thoughts

What a great night of boxing and another packed out Holte Suite for Tommy Owens Promotions "Stand and Deliver". There were some great performance's from the home team with Ellis, O'Keefe, Pitters and Ball keeping there unbeaten records, Craig Cunningham winning a six rounder to keep him ticking over while he waits for the big fight he deserves and a great main event against Foster and Fidoe that may have been a draw and I may have had Foster winning on my card but it could of gone just as easy to Fidoe as it was that close of a fight. The only real downer of the night was Jordan Lynch being stopped In the first round, Lynch got caught by the .southpaws curse, the straight right hand. I honestly felt gutted for Lynch he is a great lad and a great role model, if he learns from this he will come back stronger and better and If he ever gets caught like that again he will know how to deal with it. The Birmingham Boxing Column will be looking for there Boxer to watch Jordan "The Lion" Lynch to start a new chapter in his boxing career and roar back to winning way and put this one done to experience.

Tommy Owens Promotions is having a rest over the summer and will be back at the Villa on the 2nd September and the Birmingham Boxing Column will be there.

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