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The One Armed Bandit - Josh Hodgins

Josh Hodgins is a 26 year old Light heavyweight unlicensed boxer from Sutton Coldfield Birmingham. Hodgins, know as the "The one armed bandit" has had 7 unlicensed fights winning 4 and drawing 1 and trains at Fightden under the tutelage of Shaun Cogan.

The Six foot tall boxer informed me "Ever since I met Shaun I've had a right shoulder problem which I picked up sparring, at first I thought it was a muscle injury. I remember Jason Lowe popping it back in at the gym and I carried on sparring, I did finally popped it completely in sparring again and the ambulance came to Fightden to get me. I have battled for four years fighting everyone with one arm hence the one arm bandit nickname and only loosing 2 out of 7, I have had operation now, so fingers crossed it will be fixed".

I asked Josh who his favorite boxer is, the orthodox fighter told me "I would say Roy Jones junior, because his an absolute savage. He is the same weight as me which makes him more scary and I love his style with his hands down, I also like Nathan cleverly".

My next question was what inspired him to get into the noble art? Hodgins told me "Boxing runs through my family, but my great grandfather boxed in the Irish guards and then was known as the boxer from St James gate Dublin. He was a bit of a legend when I was young and I think he inspired me".

Josh continued "I first got into boxing when I was 18, but it was only until I met Shaun Cogan I really got into it which was 4 years ago".

My final question was what has been your hardest fight to date? Josh said "my hardest fight is between Paul Ragg from DnA boxing or maybe Ben Mclearn, I fought him before I was at Fightden, was a massive hitter to be honest".

Dexter's Thoughts

Hodgins is a stable mate of mine at Fightden and is a very impressive boxer, especially for some one with only one arm working. In sparring he is relentless coming forward and making you work constantly, I refereed his last fight where it was deemed a draw, I will say I judged it as a win for him but was a close fight. Now he has had his operation and should be returning to the Den soon with both arms working I look forward to see him progress and win many more fights.