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  • Dexter Hastings

Second City Slickers - Review

Second City Slickers

BCB Promotions


Blackcountry Boxing Promotions held their dinner show Second city slickers at the holiday inn Birmingham and show cased a exciting night of boxing. With boxer making their debuts and established fighters on the card, the Birmingham Boxing Column was looking forward to a interesting night of boxing.

Fight 1

Nathan Stevens v Mitch



Good start to Stevens pro career with some nice slick punches and good movement. In the second round Mitch put it on Stevens, Stevens stayed composed and countered well for a even second round. Round 3 saw Mitch pick up the pace and controlled the ring, Stevens did let his hands go In this round but looked tired. The final round saw Stevens move round the ring well and show some great skills to counter Mitch's attacks, good end to a good exhibition.


Dexter - 39 - 38

Ref - Draw



Fight 2

Ashley Silver Casey Blair

Super Middleweight

4 x 3

Silver was the more busier of the 2 fighters in the first round and got his Jab working well with some good combinations as well, Blair did catch Silver with the heavier shots but only on a few occasions. In the second Silver moved and worked well, working the head then the body with some cracking shots that frustrated Blair. Round 3 saw Silver continue his good work from the second round moving well and working the body, Blair from Northern Ireland battled away but was no match for the Chemsly Wood lad. The final round saw Silver turn up the pace and work Blairs body and head like a veteran, Blair had no answer for Silvers eye catching shots.


Dexter 40 - 36

Ref 40 - 36

Silver wins points


Fight 3

Matt Senn v Sima Volosonas


4 x 3

Senn came out strong banging in a verity of shots to Volosonas head and body, Volosonas fought back but Senn won the round easy. In the second the pace slowed but Senn continued his good work, Volosonas came back near the end of the round but just didn’t do enough. The third was pretty even with both fighters having joy catch each other with good shots, Senn looked in trouble at one point but composed himself and fought back well. The final round saw Volosonas control the round and counter well, Senn seemed to tire in this round.


Dexter 39 - 38

Ref 39 - 38

Senn wins on points


Fight 4

Andrew Robinson v Josef Obselo

Light heavyweight

4 x 3

Robinson came out strong and got some cracking shots off In the first round. Obselo fought back hard but was no match for D'Animal. The second was another great round, Robinson won the round but Obselo kept the fight entertaining by battling back well. Round 3 was another great round, with Robinson catching Obselo with some cracking shots to the body and head, Obselo kept the fight going by battling back. In the final round Obselo looked a beaten man as Robinson went to work on him to win the fight.


Dexter - 40 - 36