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  • Dexter Hastings

Meaner in the Arena - Review

Meaner at the Arena

Tudor Grange Solihull

MTK Promotions


Mack the Knife Promotions held their final show of the season at Tudor Grange Solihull, a show consisting of 4 bouts of boxing three of them over 4 x 3 minute rounds and one 6 x 2 minute rounds with 2 fighters making their debut. The Birmingham Boxing Column where their to report on what was a very entertaining show.

Fight 1

Anthony Manning v Geiboord Omier

Light- Middleweight

4 x 3

Manning making his debut started brightly and was controlling the fight, Omier just seemed to be going threw the motions but then caught the debutant with a over hand right that rocked Manning to his boots. Manning managed to stay on his feet but Omier jumped straight on him and put him down with a good combination of shots. Manning took the count and was up by 8, the ref let the fight continue and Omier went straight back work with a flurry of shots with the ref jumping In as Manning was no able to defend himself.


Omier wins 1st round Ref stops fight

Fight 2

Robbo Robinson v Remigjus Ziausys


4 x 3

Robinson came Into the ring to big cheers from his Supporters who had made the trip from Kingstanding Birmingham to support this young fighter.

Great star Robinson on his debut, he controlled the round well and got some good shots off, in the second Robinson continued his good work banging in some cracking body shots to win the first 2 rounds easy.

The third round was again controlled the round, Ziausys had a go but was no match for the Kingstanding lad, in the forth Robinson cruised to victory with some classy boxing and good movement, Ziaulys did put up a fight but was no match for Robinson.


Dexter - 40 - 36

Ref - 40 - 36

Robinson wins on points

Fight 3

Sean Mcgolddrick v Gyula Dodu

Super welterweight

6 x 3

Mcgolddrick waste and time with superb shot selection to the body and head and had Dodu down 3 times in the first round, the ref stopped the fight after the third count as Dodu was not able to continue.


Mcgolddrick wins 1st round Stoppage

Fight 4

Lewis Corker v Sylwester Walzak


4 x 3

Corker started well and caught Walzak with some cracking body shots. Corker put Walzak down 3 times before the ref stopped the flight.


Corker wins 1st round Stoppage

Dexter's Thoughts

Short show but very entertaining 3 first round knock out and I can confirm the ref was right to stop the fight every time. I felt bad for Manning in his first pro fight, he got caught after a good start and Omier thought all his Christmas's had come at once. Manning should just put this down to experience and learn from it for the next time he fights. Mcgolddrick and Corker also got first round stoppages and looked good with great combinations. The boxer who caught my eye was the debutant Robbo Robinson he fought a very durable journey man in Ziaulys who has had over 100 fights. Robinson showed great style, movement and shot selection to win ever round. This could be an exciting time in the Cruiserweight division If Robinson keeps us his winning start, as there is another young professional Cruiserweight called Shaken Pitters who has fought twice and if they both keep unbeaten records I could see a challenge belt or area title being contested between them, but that would be a few years down the line.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank MTK Promotions for their hospitality and I look forward to the next show.