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Female Amateur Molly Witten

Female Amateur

Molly Witten

Molly Witten is a 13 year old amateur boxer from Kingstanding Birmingham, the 59kg fighter know as "The Warrior" but has dropped down to 54kg as at 4 foot 11 she informed me "the girls are to tall". The orthodox fighter started boxing when she 8 practicing at home and went to Paddy's Gym in Erdington when she was 11 where she was trained by myself, Dean Martin and owner of the gym Paddy Martin.

As Molly progressed she was advised to go to Paddy's gym's sister gym, Narna's gym (Bartley Green ABC) to pursue here amateur career. Molly has been at Bartley green for just over a year and Is trained by David Macintosh, John Macintosh and Claire Parsons. "The Warrior" has had 2 amateur fights and has won one and lost one.

I asked the little pocket rocket what Inspired her to take up the noble art? She informed me

"My dad took me to his mates house they are boxer and I always used to watch them spar".

I then asked the young boxer who here favorite boxer is? Molly Informed me "it has to be Katie Taylor, she has got an amazing style and one day I would love to box like her". When ask what's the best fight she has saw she informed me "David Haye against Tony Bellew"

My final question to Molly was what has been your hardest fight"The hardest fight was my last one with Mackenzie Poole she was really tall and I just couldn't get in on her but it was a good fight and I fought well, but at the end of the day she was tall and I learned a lot from that fight".

Dexter's Thoughts

I remember when Molly walked into Paddy's gym 2 years ago with her dad, from the first time I took her on the pads I could see she could be something special. Molly has a relentless Tyson style of boxing and has no fear at all, she used to take on all comers at the gym even smashing the hell out of me with her heavy body shots. Her hight is the only thing that may hamper her as In both her fights as the girls have towered over her. Molly is dropping down in weight and I think this will help her in her boxing career as her opponents will not have as much of a reach advantage and she will be able to apply her boxing skills more easier. As for being the next Katie Taylor, I don’t really see it because of Molly's Style of boxing. What I can see is if Molly gets her weight right and keeps applying herself to the noble art and he way she has, forget Katie Taylor, Ladies and Gentlemen please meet Molly "The Warrior" Witten Olympic and world champion.

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