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Amateur Female Boxer Amy Timlin

Amateur Female Boxer Amy Timlin

Amy Timlin Is a 17 year old amateur boxer from Acocks Green Birmingham who has switch from kickboxing to the noble art. Known as Lion Heart the orthodox boxer fights at 57 kg (8 stone 9) in the Lightweight division.

Amy inform d me "I've just recently got carded in the ABA's and in my first ever ABA fight I fought a national champion called Angelica Finch and I won by unanimous decision. I used to be a kickboxer and I won a British title, 5 nationals titles, a commonwealth, European and a world title, I now boxes out of Frankie Gavins ringside gym Acocks Green and Frankie Gavin is my coach".

Amy's favorite boxer is GGG when I asked her why she told me "it's because his style of fighting is unbelievable, I'm also a big fan of Katie Taylor because she's putting a big name into the woman's boxing and she's got my style of fighting". When asked about the best fight she had seen she informed me "The best fight I've seen is probably Haye vs Bellew or Anthony Joshua vs Vladimir Klitschko".

Amy has been training since the age of 5 (nearly 13 years) she also Informed me when I asked her who inspired her to take up the noble art? She said "No one really inspired me when I was a kid, I wanted to take up boxing because I was getting bullied and I wanted to find a way for me to defend myself and learn self Defense. Last year I wanted to get carded in the ABA's because woman's boxing is starting to get noticed now ever since Katie Taylor turned pro and since Nicola Adams has turned pro too".

My final question I asked "The Loin Heart" was what has been you hardest fight so far? Amy replied "my hardest fight was probably my European title fight against a tough Irish girl, this was a 5 round war, both of us would not give up and we was trading shots through every round but I wasn't gonna give up and I won the title at the end of the fight".

Dexter's Thoughts.

Amy has took the step to make the move from kickboxing to Boxing and is looking to make a mark in the amateur ranks. Amy has already beaten a national champion In her first bout of boxing and with her kickboxing pedigree winning World, European British and numerous National titles I could see her make waves in the ABA's. We could even be looking at the next Nichola Adams or a English version of Katie Taylor just remember where you heard of this young warrior first.

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