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Unlicensed Boxer Jon Mitchell

Unlicensed fighter Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell is light heavy weight unlicensed boxer from Birmingham. The 31 year old 6 foot 2 orthodox had 14 amateur fights winning 12 of them. In the unlicensed scene his record stands at 5 fights with 4, he has also won a version of the Midlands title in his last fight .

Jon boxes out of the 3DI promotion in Tysley and is trained by David Dicko Dixion. His favorite fighter is George Groves because of his slick style and accuracy, the best fight he has saw Is Macklin v Moore.

Mitchell has been boxing 8 years, he told me "my brother was a pro". His hardest fight was an amateur bout against Leighton Browne, Jon recalls "I lost, but gave it my all learned a lot from the defeat, I've had two years out to get my lifestyle right. I'm now refocused and dedicated to the sport and coming for titles at white Collar Level".

Dexter's Thoughts

Jon is enjoying his boxing journey and Is training a good gym, 3DI Promotions put on good shows and he will be in safe hands with them. He isfighting on the 15th seotember at the Irish centre. the column will hopefully report on this show and maybe his next title win.

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