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Eastside's pro Awards

Eastside's Pro


Eastside Boxing Gym had their annual award ceremony last week, Eastside's Pro manager/ Trainer and Boxing Guru Jon Pegg shared this status on social media and the column would just like to share it with the boxing community.

The Awards are given and the Season is finished so thought id give a write up on Eastside's pros Season.

I will leave the amateur write up to Soggy and Louie Counihan as they know a lot more about it than me.

If you want a short sharp bit of reading I advise you to click of this post and look else where as this is going to long drawn out and all about boxing.Here we go

Sam Eggington has had a great season rebounding from defeat last season to pull off four great stoppage wins and to push himself into the top 6 in the world.Picking up the WBC Gold Inter Belt beating now club mate Frankie Gavin Sam Went on to become the first man to drop two time world champ with a body shot and record an 8th round win to defend it.

Going on to his biggest challenge the european title v defending champion cerifno rodriguez koing the tricky Ferino in the 10 round Sam put himself in line for ko of the year.

Sam finished at our awards taking fighter of the year, K.O of the year, Fight of the year(v Frankie) and the Len Woodhall award for achievement of the year.

Sam defends in October.

Craig Cunningham broke thru with a huge win over Anthony Ogogo for the wbc inter and we all thought big fights would be coming ,unfortunately the manner of the win seems to have put Craig on the who needs him list and a number of high profile fights have fell thru.Not letting his drop Craig has stayed busy with points wins on our home shows and has been rewarded with a lucrative first defense in Singapore in October. Craig picked up performance of the year for his win over Ogogo

Don Broadhurst came back from a career ending injury with a win then really rolled back they years winning the English title v old foe Louis Norman another win followed and now don is looking at a British title in September vs josh wale,Could this be the biggest comeback since Jesus took a rest for three days in a cave? only time will tell. Don picked up comeback of the year at our awards


Marcus Ffrench had a slower year and fell short in a crack at the English vs now British champ Robbie Barret,getting back on the winning trail Marcus has been rewarded with another English shot in November vs champ Lee Appleyard.

Karl Wiggins had a slow year with only one because of injury but now fully fit Karly Gee is looking forward to making the new season his own and putting a belt round his waist.

After a fight of the year candidate with Sam Frankie Gavin made the move to Eastisde and has enjoyed 2 wins wile working with Paul Soggy Counihan the new season Frankie is looking for belts and big fights.

Shakan S P Pitters former Eastside amateur made his pro bow with a great points win and has had another fight since again winning on points and is looking forward to the new season.

Jarrett Doherty made his debut and looked great and is looking forward to making his mark in the new season.

Jack O'keeffe came to the gym to box on the road and enjoy a bit of fighting now 3 fights later and with an ever growing fan base the likable and hardworking NO BEEF is looking forward to adding to his unbeaten record in September.

Brandon Wilshire made his debut away from and took another prospect unbeaten run in a mild upset. Brandon picked up the most promising trophy at our awards.

Dominic Specchio finally made his debut after a long wait and a lot of people thought he bitten of more than he could chew in respected danger man Michael Mooney Dom pulled off a great win which i think will be the first of many defiantly one to watch.

Ryan Kelly had a good year and narrowly lost out in a midlands title fight but lessons will be learnt and we fully expect to see an improved kelly winning titles next season.Ryan is mandatory for the midlands title

Sean Shaun Cooper had two fights this season winning both and looking good while doing it we are looking forward to im having a great season.

Kaisee Benjamin opened his account with a stunning knockout and is back in action in September. Kaisee took the best prospect award this year.

Tony Blaze Jones stayed unbeaten and moved up to six rounds coming on in leaps and bounds we expect tony to move to title class this season.

Jordan Cooke has a unlucky loss for the midlands title but is training hard and we expect to see him in some great fights this season

Marcello Renda had a real war for the southern area title and lost a very tight decision Cello has got another shot at the southern area in sept.

Cori Gibbs stayed unbeaten this season and impressed on sky sports beating a fellow unbeaten prospect.A shot at the midland title was landed but the champion decided to vacate rather than face cori so now its just a waiting game with this young prospect.

Tion Gibbs, Cori's younger brother stayed unbeaten and is training very hard for his September fight this could be a big season for young Gibbs.

Carl Dickens had a tough season due to injuries but finished with a win and is looking forward to this year.

Drew Brown stayed unbeaten and the talented northampton youngster is moving up to the 6 round level in the new season .Coach Spencer Mccracken expects big things

Ary Fiaz stayed unbeaten this year and is eager to get out in oct and add to his winning record.

Brett Fidoe pulled off a couple of upsets with a win over unbeaten matt windle and a draw with highly touted brad foster.Brett wants to put a belt round his waist this season and is determined to make this a reality.

Lee Jones continues to defy odds by being alive let alone boxing so we think that deserves a mention each year

The talented Nath Alharbi has joined the gym and we are looking forward to working with nasser.

Sullivan Mason has promised to hit the comeback trail as soon as he is married in august.

Dan Breeze the unbeaten prospect is looking to get back into the gym after a year away still only 22 dan has plenty of time to make up.

Calum Cooper is another former champ on the comeback trail good to have this exciting fighter back

Eastside managed fighters have all enjoyed great success this season these lads include Louis Fielding Charlie Lee Williams (won first belt this season) Josh Baillie (challenge belt winner)

Nick Jenman (southern area ,challenge belt winner)Ishmael Ellis Kelcie Ball Tom Thomas Silcox Daniel Spencer Jordan Lynch

Big thanks To Tommy Owens for the great platform to perform on.

Thanks to will Will Stokes Matthew Macklin and Paul Pj Rowson for having some of our lads fighting on there great shows.

not forgot anyone Hopefully

Really exciting and enjoyable season and for the new guys joining this year this is the level you have to live up too Dean Dodge Lenny Evans Sean Daly Showy Mckenzie Lee Gunter Amir Fiaz Indy Sangha

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