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Birmingham Pro Boxers Give their Predictions on Canelo v GGG

The Biggest Fight of the Year

Birmingham Pro Boxers Give their Predictions on

Canelo v GGG

Now that the circus has left town with Mayweather hitting 50 - 0 by first giving McGregor a exhibition then a education in boxing and finally executing the UFC 2 Weight champion, we can finally talk about a real world class boxing match with 2 of the best fighters In the world competing. Canelo Álvarez (49-1-1) takes on Gennady Golovkin (37-0) in a unification title fight which is being billed as the Supremacy. On the line will be the WBA (Super), WBC, IBF World titles, the Ring Magazine and the vacant Lineal Middleweight championship of the world. The bout will be held on September 16, 2017 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and will be televised on HBO pay-per-view.

Now the Birmingham Boxing Column would normally not talk about this fight as it is nothing to do with Birmingham the Black-country or the Midlands but this fight is to big not to talk about. To keep this in the Birmingham spirit the column has contacted a number of the Midlands top professional fighters and trainers and asked them two simple questions. Who will win? And Why?

The response was immense and her are the answers we have received.

Jon Pegg Eastside Manager/Trainer gave this verdict, Jon said "Golovkin will win, he's at a stage he can't afford to lose".

Tommy Owens Boxing promoter for TOPromotions who have a show on the same night at Villa Park Aston gave his verdict he told me "GGG and Alvarez, I think it's a real 50/50 fight mate got the makings of a classic, really think it will come down to who wants it most. Alvarez has the skills and GGG has the power and toughness proper classic in the making mate".

Head Pro trainer at Smoking Joe's Digbeth Shan Cogan see's it go like the he told me "I fancy Canelo to win. His got really good movement and throws lots of punches and avoids lots of punches. GGG only just won his last fight it was very close".

Paul "Soggy" Counihan Eastside trainer said "Great fight between to elite boxers.Tough fight to call but if I have to pick I will go with GGG because of a number of reasons, he punches harder, his bigger, his great amateur experience, the way he puts his opponent into traps with his faints and footwork I think gives him the edge but that's taking nothing away from Canelo who is outstanding as well".

Will Stokes promotor for Birmingham MTK told the Column "I think Alvarez wins on points.

GGG being 35 and Alvarez being 27 I think Alvarez will be that little bit too sharp and fast. Also, the fact GGG comes forward and doesn't mind taking a punch is perfect for Canelo. He has had problems with the slicker back foot boxers before and won't find trouble finding GGG. No doubt both boxers will have had long intense camps but I believe the timing now favours Canelo. 18 months/2 years ago I would have gone the other way., Alvarez Points Win".

Peter Christie pro boxing trainer said "GGG. Will win by K.O 7-8 because a good big one99% of The time will beat a good little one".

Bbcolumn's boxer of year, the Olympian Slayer Craig Cunningham had this to say "I think Alverez wins I think he is a bit more skillful but GGG carries the power great fight though, can't wait"

Former Professional boxer Terry Carruthers informed me "I'd like Alvarez to win. He's much faster but think GGG will win massive puncher".

Pro fighter Louis Fields said "My heart says Alvarez, my head says GGG.

GGG is the bigger man and such experience, he looks almost unstoppable. It really is a 50/50 fight and if Canelo is at his best he has every chance of de-throning GGG. Being the younger man and he’s looking very quick, hands and feet it could be his time to shine. Id love to see him pull it off but I don’t think GGG on points".

Kyle Williams unbeaten boxer said "Canelo to win in a points decision maybe even late stoppage, reasons for this is I feel his a more complete boxer fights well off the back foot and is quite powerful although Triple g hasn't really been badly hurt in the ring this far I think Canelo could be the guy to do it I mean Kelly Brooke landed some big shots and his no where near Canelo's skill set or power.

Another unbeaten fighter Jamie Beech Jr informed me "it's a proper 50/50 fight for me tough to pick but if my money was on anyone it'd have to be Golovkin because every time he's got in the ring he's produced the goods, wouldn't be surprised if Canelo won on a controversial points decision"

Pro boxer Brandon Wilshire reckons "GGG all day long! Naturally the bigger man. Canelo seems a musclebound welterweight. late rounds K.O for GGG".

Another unbeaten fighter the talented Ishmael Ellis told me "Canelo I’ve said this for a long time now, the hype of Mayweather, McGregor has gone onto the real fights I just think Canelo Is quicker better counter puncher has a lot more to offer as in combination punches defence to me all GGG has is power if Canelo boxes right could make it a lot easier than everybody thinks. Jacobs and Brooks i think showed that GGG is not all that people brag and say he is".

British title challenge Don Broadhurst thought it would go like this "I think GGG it's a 50:50but I just side with GGG I think after a couple of below par performances he's been wrote off he will really be up for this one and produce the goods, I can't wait".

Pro boxer Aaron Lovell had this prediction "I think GGG will win. As much as I want Alvarez to get the job done, I think GGG will be too big too strong, and sooner or later I reckon

Canelo's punches won't be as effective they've been on previous opponents and Golovkin will slowly climb on top. Also, Canelo doesn't seem to up the gears in the later rounds on occasions e.g. Against

Cotto, Chavez jr, Austin Trout. Even though he won them all in style, I don't think GGG will allow him to 'cruise control' as freely as he does and this is where I think fatigue will set in, and GGG's power will tell the difference. Resulting in, GGG late stoppage or points decision. Hopefully I'm wrong as I'm a big fan of Canelo but we'll see won't we".

Eastside's Pro boxer Marcus Ffrench gave his opinion he told the Column "I think Canelo wins he is a more skillful boxer and has a better punch variation but he has to be fit cuz GGG will keep coming forward".

Sid Bowater prediction was "Its going to be a great fight mate but I gotta go with GGG on pure power. Canelo will win most of the early rounds with his boxing skills. Been as GGG ain't got much head movement but then GGG just do what he does best and come through later on".

New arrival to the Pro game Kaisee Benjamin told me "I want GGG to win but I think Canelo will be too slick for GGG because of GGG's age I don't think either will hurt each other but I think Canelo will land more punches and take it on points but hopefully GGG catches Canelo clean and hurts him".

Pro boxer Michael Coles couldn’t split them he told me "I honestly couldn't call it.

But it will be one he'll of a fight and not going the distance".

On the come back trail pro boxer Callum Cooper had this to say "I Think it is a fantastically matched contest between 2 great fighters but if I had to pick a winner I'd say Canelo for his superior boxing skills".

Pro boxer Joshua Burke thought It would go like this "I favour GGG because of his extended amateur pedigree and his technical ability and he's more familiar at the weight".

Two and 0 Pro fighter Shakan Piitters predicted this "Canelo wins mate, GGG never faced an opponent like Canelo, he barely won over Daniel Jacobs only for his knock down. But I think GGG is talent debut very one dimensional come forward style, doesn't fight at angles like Canelo can. And as well as Canelo not having the fastest of feet movement, his upper body movement to get him out of trouble is very evasive along with his counter punching style. Wouldn't be surprised if Canelo Stops GGG".

Female Amateur boxer Kim Shanon had her own idea on the winner, she told me "I think GGG will win on points. I can't see him stopping him as he is an extremely tough fighter who I like very much. I just think GGG will use his strength to push through until the end".

Pro boxer incredible Paul Holt had this to say, he told me "It's going to be a tough one but I reckon Alvarez to win... just think he's better technically, this is a proper fight though definitely what boxing needs".

Pro fighter Chris Adaway prediction is "I think Alvarez wins on points, if it was 2 years ago I'd say GGG would of won but I just feel he's aged that little bit much and Canelo has youth on his side, can never write GGG off with his knockout power but I just feel Canelo will be to slick and ether wins on points or late stoppage".

Unbeaten pro fighter Jordan Clayton reckoned "Canelo will win, he has to much boxing ability and movement can do both punch and box where as GGG is more known for being a puncher but we will see looking forward to this one".

Andrew "Da Animal" Robinson kept it short by telling me "GGG wins he is Too big. Too powerful".

Pro fighter Tyler Denny thought the would go like this "Very hard to pick but if I had to I would probably go with Canelo as I think he has got more about him and quicker hands but GGG just a beast so hard but will have to chose Canelo".

Black-country boxing star boxer Manny Zaber had this to say, he told me "I’m leaning towards Canelo just slightly, I think overall skills head movement and footwork will win him the fight but real 50.50 fight which I cant wait for".

Pro boxer Chris Trueman prediction is "Alvarez, I think although GGG can punch hard I think Alvarez has the ability to out box him and I have never seen Alvarez hurt he can also punch to so I favour Alvarez".

Pro fighter Brett Fidoe couldn’t really split them he told me "I really can't say it's 50/50 for me pal. But if I had to pick I would edge towards Canelo as being the younger one for me".

Smoking Joe's fighter Josh Bailie had this to say, he told me "It's a Interesting fight, tough fight and a great one!!

I see it being close but Alvarez getting it on a tight decision.

I thinks it's a bit of a thriller with a lot of back and forth Action. I think both land hard and think if Alvarez can hold up to GGG power, his head movement and shot selection can get the win.

I do see it being tough though as both aren't renowned for movement and creating space.

I'm hoping for a Alvarez wins".

Pro boxer Ricky Summer who is currently on holiday took time out to reply to the column and said this "GGG is my favorite fighter but I just got a feeling Canelo is going to pull it off. The reason being I think he as fought better opponents and he is the younger guy I think GGG is on the down slop".

Unbeaten pro boxer Luke Walker started by informing me that he is ashamed of the sport allowing Mayweather and McGregor shiting on the Canleo v GGG as he thinks this is the fight of the year. Walker then predicted that he feels Alverez will be the the victor, Walker said "I feel Alverez will win this fight, it wont be easy as GGG has unreal power but I feel GGG is going to keep pushing and walking forward and Canelo will have to much for him".Walker continued by saying "Canelo has got a lot of experience and has been in hard fights from a young age and I think Canelo is leaps and bounds skill wise over GGG and GGG will walk onto a right upper-cut, left hand something he wont see. I say Alverez wins".

Walker finished by saying he was that confident that Alverez would win that he would be happy to put £100 bet with someone who thought differently".

British Champ Tommy Langford gave this production "Its a proper proper fight and I keep chopping and changing my mind. At the moment I'm saying about 51% of me is sitting with Canelo. The age of GGG I think is a factor now that combined with recent performances he's been too easy to hit if he's like that again with Canelo he won't get away with it. So at the moment I'm picking Canelo".

Pro boxer Brad Foster hadn't this to say "It's a 50-50 fight which could go eaither way. They both have got there attributes. In my opinion canelo is gonna come out with the win on the night with a late stoppage. I think that his speed will cause Golovkin problems and his variety of shots /fast slips and counters. GGG v Canelo is the proper fight that everyone wants to watch".

Eastside's Veteran Pro Karly Gee had this prediction, He told the column "'I'm going for triple G by ko or close points, unless Canelo can keep him off for 12 and box then he could get it, but seen Canelo flag in fights so GGG for me".

The final pro to get back to me and one of the Boxing Columns Favorite Brummie fighters Sean Davis took time out of training for his British title shot and had this to say "I'm leaning towards Canelo because I like his style, GGG is a massive task for him but if he can out beast the beast he will win. Canelo looks the more rounded fighter can punch better in combinations were as GGG is just a wrecking ball that cuts the ring down really well. I don't want to pick a winner but I'm hoping Canelo pulls it off".

I dropped Midlands boxing writer Jason Lowe a message to see who he thought would be victorious, the the former EBF Irish unlicensed champion and star of the move Jawbone and who has also been a guest referee on the Sky TV show A league of their own had quite a lot to say about this super fight. Here are his edited verdict "September 16th we will see a proper match up in Boxing. Not the likes of that fake Torvill & Dean rendition we had recently had with Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor. The 16th will be proper boxing for boxing fans. The Kind of match up that will indeed make history and also have fight fans talking about in 10 to 20 years time. Two Gods of boxing who need to win and will hold back on nothing to make sure their opponent will not only come second in there meeting, but will also make sure the whole world knows about it".

"After being invited to meet both fighters and interview them in London I got a close first hand look at both. GGG is slightly taller but Alverez is both wider and looks more powerful in his stance.On September the 16th there will be no room for mistakes, no room for ifs or buts. It will be a massive affair and the fight I'm looking forward to the most this year".

"For me I will be going all out for Canelo Alverez to win on points.I think he has been

working on fast movement over the year and fast enough to keep GGG guessing. Alverez will look to his fast combinations and movement, leaving GGG to rely on slowing movement and hoping to get bog shots in to slow Alverez down. Alverez will see this as the biggest fight he has ever had and will keep sharp, but I also think he will get caught and get some standing 8 counts along the way.Hopefully he won't pick up a cut and retire in his stool, GGG would smell blood like a shark in shallow waters and go in for the kill straight away. Alverez will not KO GGG at all. What he can do is out work GGG, out smart him and defiantly out box him.The only out he cannot beat GGG on is the Knock Out.

Canelo Alverez winning by points for me".

Dexter's Thoughts

Well if you go by the pro's, they reckon that the young Lion Alverez Is going to topple GGG, take his unbeaten record and unify the middleweight division and I have to agree. I have followed both fighters careers with interest and yes GGG did look unstoppable at one time. Alverez has tasted defeat just once at the hands of the best pound for pound fighter in decades Floyd Mayweather who in my opinion took Alverez when he was young as he knew this young Mexican would be a danger down the line. Don’t get me wrong GGG Is a great fighter and a living legend but I think he has been found out in his last few fights and a hungry fighter like Alverez will have a great chance of taking his crown.

This is going to be a great fight and as much as Im backing Alverez, GGG could win this with his power and strength. It a cliché but it Is a true 50/50 fight and I can't wait for the 16th September after I have watched the Tommy Owens Promotions show Divided we stand down Villa Park Birmingham on the same night. Looking forward to a great night of boxing.