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Unlicensed Boxer Nathaniel McIntosh

Unlicensed Boxer Nathaniel McIntoch

Nathaniel McIntosh is a 30 year old Super-Middleweight unlicensed boxer from Smithswood, Birmingham. The 5 foot 10 orthodox fighter is unbeaten in 5 unlicensed fights winning 4 and drawing 1.

McIntoch boxes out of Donz Fuzion and is trained by Donvil.

I asked the your fighter. Who is your favourite boxer and why? He informed me "Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, he defines the art of pugilism and he's boxing IQ is second to none, never mind the business side of things".

My next question was, What is the best fight you have seen? He told me "Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather".

Nathaniel has been boxing for 4 years and was inspired to take up the noble art after watching Floyd Mayweather beating Ricky Hatton, Nathaniel informed me "He won while overcoming all the booing from the opposing fans".

My final question was, What has been your hardest fight so far? This talented fighter told me "it would have to be my last fight as I was fighting with an injured hand but still managed to overcome and won the title".

Dexter's Thoughts

It has been my honour to have reffed McIntoch on a number of occasions and I have been impressed every time I have. He has got a very flashy style and has great shot selection and movement. I was happy to hear he had won his first title as he is well deserving of this achievement. McIntoch is a boxer to watch out for, he was one the Birmingham Boxing Columns one to watch for this year so it is great to see him doing so well. McIntoch it one of the unlicensed boxers at the moment that in my opinion should tune pro as he Is more than capable of competing at that level.

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