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Is This The Final Bell for Dexter?

Is This The Final Bell for Dexter?

This is the story of the journey of my latest title fight, it started when the trainers at Fightden asked me to fight on their show Fists of Fury 3. I accepted the challenge but under the stipulation that I wanted to fight for the Semi-professional boxing federation Heavyweight title which was held by champion Damion Gardener. I took the fight to lose weight and needed to take on the best so I would prepare properly for such an epic challenge. At the age of 46 I knew this would be be a challenge and it was, my training camp was at Fightden and was 8 week camp, here are 3 films containing how training went, the fight its self and how I thought the fight went and whats next for me.

Dexter' Pre Fight

Ttile Fight

Dexter The Final Bell?



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