• Mark Hastings

Divided we Fall TOP Show


Divided We Fall


Tommy Owens Promotions presented their second show of September "Divided We Fall" at Villa Park Birmingham. With 8 bouts of boxing on the cards with five, 4 times 3 minute round bouts, a 4 times 2 minute round fight and a 6 rounder and to finish the night off a 8 times three minute round title fight for a British Challenge belt the table was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1

Lee Gunter v David Zubrzycki

4 x 3

Super welterweight

Zubrzycki gave Gunter a good test in the first round of his professional boxing career, as the round went on Gunter grew in conference and took control to win it. Zabrzycki was still a danger in the second round but Gunter controlled the round with the better shots. The third saw Zubrzycki again make Grunter work for the whole round, Gunter won the round with some classy shots. In the final round Zubrzycki looked tired after putting a lot Into the fight, Gunter was also feeling the effects of a hard fight, but he battled hard to win the round and the fight.

Dexter - 40 - 36

Ref - 40 - 37

Grunter wins on points victory


Fight 2

Jordan Cooke v Funz Alexander

4 x 3



Cooke looked good in the first round and controlled the pace and showed great shot selection. Cooke controlled the second from the start, setting his shots up nicely and banging in some nice right hands.The third was the same with Cooke controlling the fight with some great shot selection. Alexander tried to make a fight of it but Cooke was just to much for him. In the forth and final round Cooke popped his jab out well and got some great combinations off to win the fight.

Dexter - 40 -36

Ref 40 - 36

Cooke wins points victory


Fight 3

Shaka Thompson v Sean Gorman

4 x 2

Nice tidy round for Thompson's debut with him boxing well and controlling the ring. The second was another good round by Thompson showing great foot work and shot selection. Thompson kept it tidy In the third and controlled every part of the round. The final round saw Thompson again control the ring and cruise to victory on his pro debut.

Dexter 40 - 36

Ref - 40 - 36

Thompson wins points victory


Fight 4

Charlie Williams v Simas Volosings

4 x 3

Super featherweight

Williams controlled the round from start to finish with great shot selection and movement. In the second Williams used his jab well and dictated the pace, his jab looked sharp and hard. The third was another dominating round for Williams, his movement was great and his jab was a telling shot yet again. In the final round Williams cruised to victory with a nice tidy end to a one sided fight.

Dexter 40 - 36

Ref 40 - 36

Williams wins points victory


Fight 5

Shakan Pitters v Dmitru Kalinovsky

4 x 3


Pitters took his time in the first round as his opponent tried to bait him in, Pitters stayed composed and boxed clever to win the first round. The second saw Pitters start putting the pressure on and he got some cracking one two's off. In the third round Pitters started to pick his opponent off with some nice jabs and one, two's and seemed to be enjoying himself. The final round Kalinovsky stepped up the pace but Pitters matched him and got some cracking heavy shots off to keep his unbeaten record.

Dexter 40 - 36

Ref 40 - 37

Pitters wins on points victory


Fight 6

Jack O'Keefe v Jack Green

4 x 3

Super Lightweight

Their was "no beef" for O'Keefe in the first round, he moved well and controlled the ring and got some good shots off. The second saw O'Keefe turn up the heat and dominated the round with great combinations, the third was another dominant round for O'Keefe, I was really Impressed with his movement. In the final round O'Keefe showed great work rate, O'Keefe cruised to victory with some great movement and shot selection.

Dexter 40 - 36

Ref 40 - 36

O'Keefe wins points victory


Fight 7

Paul Holt v Indz Sangha

6 x 3

Super Featherweight

Sangha moved around the ring with great style and grace slipping Holt's shots and making him miss on several occasions. Sangha got some classy shots off but Holt held the centre of the ring and got some shots off himself. Sangha kept his great movement up in the second and kept slipping Holt's shots In a style very similar to prince Naseem Hamed. Holt stuck to his boxing and got some shot in of his own but Sangha won the round. Sangha again showed very classy movement and got some great shots off In the third. Holt continued to box tidy and had success of his own.

The forth saw Sangha's movement slow and Holt had his best round and got some good shots off. In the fifth Holt started the round well but Sangha came back well and got some classy shots off. In the final round Sangha stepped up the pace and got some cracking shots off, Holt continued to box tidy but Sangha finished the fight the stronger.

Dexter 57 - 58

Ref 56 - 58

Sangha wins on points

Kelcie Ball v Danny Little

Super welterweight

British Challenge belt

8 x 3

Kelcie was on the Ball from the start and looked in control with some great combinations and body shots. The second round saw Ball in control again as he bang in some heavy shots to Little's head and body, Little took them well and saw out the round. In the third Ball banged in some cracking shots and opened a cut over Littles right eye, the ref looked at it but let him continue.

Ball then took a low blow to the balls from Little. Kelcie had to take a knee to recover, the ref warned Little and Ball took just under a minute to recover. Ball then went back to work and really put a beat down on Little, how Little managed to see the round out was a mystery. In the forth Ball dominated the round with some cracking body and head shots. Little was showing great heart to still be in this fight. Round five was all Ball again, he banged in lefts and rights at will. Little did get put down in this round but it was down to Ball pushing Little to the floor which he was warned for, Ball finished the round strong.