• Mark Hastings

3DI Who What's It More Show Review


Who Wants it More


3DI Promotions had their "Who Wants it More" show at the Irish Centre Digbeth, with 9 unlicensed bouts on the cards all of them contested over 3 x 2 minute rounds and the 3DI Ring girls (J.P.Entertainment) the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1

Chris Lewis v Kieron Bair

Good start to the night both fighters had joy in the first, even round. The second saw Lewis's jab dictate this round as he caught Bair at will with it. In the final round saw Bair stay in the fight, but Lewis continued to tee off with his jab and won the round.


Dexter - 30 - 28

Judges - Lewis wins

Unanimous decision

Fight 2

Steve Kennedy v Shane Nickels

Nickels started strong but Kennedy took the centre of the ring and held his own, Nickels moved well and nicked the round. The second saw Nickels move well around the ring, Kennedy took the centre and was just looking for a big over hand right. Nickels out worked Kennedy to win the round. In the final round Kennedy was still looking for a big over hand right, but Nickels moved well and controlled the round from the outside.

Verdict - 27 - 30

Judges Nickels wins

Unanimous decision

Fight 3

Lewis Baigent v Luke Drinkwater

Baigent boxed well in the first round and kept it simple with some great 1, 2's which put Drinkwater down for a 8 count. Drinkwater managed to get back up and see the round out. The second round was a full on tare up with both fighters having joy, great second round. The third and final round saw Drinkwater look for a tare up and Baigent obliged, great final round.


Dexter - 30 - 28

Judges- Draw

Fight 4

Craig Hamilton v Nathan Nash

Nash asked If I could film this fight and the Column was happy to oblige, here is the footage of this fight.


Dexter- 29- 30

Judges Hamilton wins majority decision

Fight 5

Danny Hickman v Cardell Brooms

3 x 2

Great movement by both fighters with both of them having joy in the first round. The second was another busy round Brooms again showed good movement and shot selection. Hickman had his moments St but Brooms won this round. The final round saw Brooms control the round Hickman again had his moments but Brooms edged it for me.


Dexter 28- 30

Judges - Hickman wins Majority decision

Fight 6

Colin Griffins v Mo Zubair

Griffins took advantage of his opponents open style which was more of a kick-boxer than a boxer. Griffins got some cracking 1, 2s off with some great right hands. Zubair picked up the pace in this round as Griffins looked blown out, Griffins still got some good right hands in. The final round was pretty even Zubair kept putting on the pressure as Griffin looked knackered. Griffin still got some good shots off several times.


Dexter - 30 - 29

Judges - Majority decision

Fight 7

Steve Wright v Josh Latimer

Latimer moved well around the ring but Wright controlled the centre and won the round. In the second Latimer again moved well and boxed clever, Wright again but It was an even round. In the final round Latimer started well but Wright put it on him in this round and knocked him down with a good right hand and several lefts and rights after, Latimer did not beat the count.


Wright wins 3rd round stoppage

Fight 8

Bradley Bishop v Shaun Pitchford

Scrappy first round not much In it, the second was also scrappy with lots of pushing and pulling. Bishop nicked the round with the better shots. In the third Pitchford took the centre of the ring and boxed well. Bishop kept his work rate up but Pitchford just nicked the round.


Dexter - 29 - 29

Judges Draw

Fight 9

James Dunn v Mac Bonazabie

Mac caught Dunn with the better shots in the first round but Dunn stayed composed. In the second round Dunn did better but Mac's attack where very eye catching. The final round saw Dunn pick up the pace and pressure Mac till the end.


Dexter- 28 - 30

Judges Bonazabie wins points

Dexter's Thoughts

It was great to be back at the Irish centre for this 3D I Promotions show, the show was good and their was some good talent on display. 3DI packed out the Irish centre and it was a pleasure to be there. The Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to their next show.