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Broadhurst Puts Up Vailant Battle for British Title

Broadhurst Puts Up Valiant

Battle for British Title

Don Broadhurst (33) a former commonwealth champion gave a great account of himself at the Manchester arena on the undercard of Fury v Parker (23/9/17) challenging for the British Bantamweight title against Josh Wale. Broadhurst originally for Erdington, Birmingham took a step up in weight class to take on Wale for the legendary Lonsdale Belt.

Broadhurst acquitted himself very well at Bantamweight and up till round 9 the fight was very even with maybe Broadhurst being slightly ahead. It seemed that Wale’s size then came into play with the “Outlaw” catching Don with some nice 1, 2’s. Broadhurst stood his ground and fought back hard but Wale’s natural size and reach was starting to take its toll.

In round 10 Broadhurst continued to make a fight of it and was still moving well, but Wale was now getting through with heaver shots. The end came in the 11th round, Don had seemed to have weathered the storm only to be caught with a cracking straight right hand which put him down. Broadhurst attempted to get to his feet but was unable to, the referee stopped the fight 1 minute 38 seconds of the 11th round, this is the first time Broadhurst has been stopped in his professional career.

Don took to social media a few hours after the fight and posted this on Facebook he wrote, Absolutely gutted tonight, well done to Josh he was just a bit to big in the end, unsure what the future holds but thanks from the bottom of my heart for tonight and all the support over the years and massive thanks to my team and sponsors.

Don’s manager Jon Pegg also went on social media and had this to say, Very Very Proud of Don Broadhurst, at 33 which is ancient for a super fly and coming back after setback after setback he went in the ring tonight with a much bigger man because that was the chance he was offered and he’s a fighting man.

Gave a great account of himself and was all to play for with 2 rounds to go when caught with a cracking shot with not a lot of energy in his body.

Reading comments and reports after, every body had it dead close and everybody was shocked at how well Don performed. Whatever he wants to do in the game from here he will have the full support of Eastside Gym .

Jon finished by saying, Be proud of what you did tonight Don regardless of the result it will be a long time before people forget that fight or your effort when you had every advantage against you.

Dexter Thoughts

What a great performance by Broadhurst, he was offered a shot at a British title at a weight class above his normal super Flyweight and took it with the odds against him. Don showed great heart and determination, with some skilful shot selection, fast hands and great movement. Going into round nine I had Don edging the fight, but it came down to Wale’s natural size and the reach. The right hand that ended the fight was a devastating shot and would have finished most fighters so no shame in that.

At 33 Don could retire with a great record behind him with loads of great achievements and memories along the way, but from what I saw their is still a lot of fight in him and I think he would still be a danger at his own weight. It is up to Don to decide what he does next and with Eastside gym supporting him he has options. Don has been a great ambassador for Birmingham boxing from amateur to pro and will be talked about for many years to come.

The Birmingham Boxing Column will look forward to talking to Don what ever his decision is.

Full Fight

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