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Eggington Loses European Title on Split Deision

Eggington loses European Title on Split Decision

W.B.C international and European champion Sam Eggington lost his European title to mandatory challenger and E.U, champion Mohamed Mimoune at the Manchester arena (7/10/2017) on a split decision verdict. The shock defeat came on the undercard of the Matchroom show with Anthony Crolla against Ricky Burns headlining with Crolla winning on points.

The twelve to one under dog Mimoune had great movement and got the more eye catching shots off in the first few rounds to set up a interesting fight. Eggington started getting back into the fight in the fourth, fifth and sixth round and it looked like the tide had turned.Round eight Eggington started strong and put the pressure on Mimoune from the start, Mimoune nicked named “The Problem” came back with some great combinations as “The Savage” seemed to tire. Rounds nine and ten saw Mamoune take control of the fight with his movement and combinations, Eggington looked drained but like the warrior he is still continued to pressure his opponent.

In the eleventh round the pace had seemed to get to both fighters, Mimoune had slowed but was still moving well and Eggington continued to press forward. In the interval Eggington was read the riot act in his corner, trainers Jon Pegg and Paul Counihan both told Sam he had to leave it all in the ring if he wanted to win this fight. The twelfth saw Eggington pressure Mimoune for the entire round getting some good shots off and as his corner asked, he left it all in the ring, Mimoune moved and covered up well to see the round out.

Result Dexter- 117-115 Mimoune Official judges Judge 1- 116-112 Eggington Judge 2- 116-112 Mimoune Judge 3- 115-113 Mimoune Mimoune wins split decision New European Champion

Mohamed Mamoune

After the show Eggington’s manager and trainer Jon Pegg took to social media and wrote this on Twitter, he wrote - Don't think we will see @eggington_sam at welter again. First time it's been really tough to make it and it showed. Light middle to come.

Spencer McCracken one of Eastside’s trainers had this to say on his status last night, he wrote - Gutted for Sam Eggington Jon Pegg and Paul Soggy Counihan and the whole team. Winning the European title is an amazing achievement especially at the age Sam is! The weight looked like it was the issue tonight we all no how hard Sam has to work to make the weight. Sam will come again.

Sam Eggington also took to social media and had this to say about the fight, the Savage wrote – So last night wasn’t my night but we will go back to work pretty soon. I think the move to Light middle is right thing to do after last night and how I felt going into the ring.

Dexter Thoughts

I was truly gutted for Sam and the Eastside team last night after the result, but unfortunately it was the right one. I think a lot of people myself included underestimate Mimoune thinking Eggington would bowel him over in the middle rounds. This is the first time I have seen Sam tire in a fight and from what has been said by himself and his team he is finding it hard to make the Welterweight limit. The talk is now of Eggington moving up to light middleweight which has got to be the natural course of action as at 23 he is still a young man and has no way near reached his peak. Sam is still young and is still learning and as long as he learns from this defeat I think he will come back at his new weight better, stronger and be back fighting from titles very soon. A lot of great fighters have been beaten an came back an I think Sam “The Savage” Eggington will prove all his doubters wrong and I still believe he can reach world championship leave.

Full Fight

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