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Baillie Believes

Baillie Believes

Josh Baillie believes he will power his way through Louis Fielding in the quarter-finals for the Super Featherweight title. The 31-year-old will compete on BCB Promotions’ Midlands Boxing Super Series at Walsall Town Hall, Walsall, on Sunday 15th October. Baillie believes his strength will be the key factor that will defeat his former stablemate. “Louis Fielding is in my way of getting where I want to be so I have to beat him on Sunday and I know that I will," he told "I 100% believe I can win this competition. That is why I entered it and this is my first step on the way to that. “I think he will try and box me. I don’t expect him to try and get involved. I expect a good fight out of him but I think I will cause him problems with my power.

“I know I am stronger than him and I think when I do get on the inside of him then I will put him in his spot. “I am ready for the best Louis Fielding but I feel I will be able to break him down as the fight goes on and I am very confident of coming away with the win.” The Australian citizen spent five years working and travelling down under, where he made his professional boxing debut. Baillie never backed down from the big fights, taking on China’s number two, Can Xu, in 2015 and losing by majority decision in Wenshan.

The Tamworth pugilist will make his return to the ring nearly a year after defeating the then unbeaten Manny Zaber and he feels he has what it takes to win the competition.

“I feel like I have learned a lot going into this fight," he added. "I have made some big improvements and I can’t wait to show them on Sunday. “Getting the win here is massive for me. I want to push on and I want an Area title. I am desperate to get that and then go on for an English belt so this next one is so important for me.

“This is a huge competition and it is one that I believe I can win. I love the idea of this competition and I am proud that I am in it. “I am looking forward to making my mark and showing everyone what I am about.” Baillie is happy to throw caution to the wind in his career and he feels he will reap the rewards from taking the tough fights. “On paper all the fights here are 50/50 and that is great for me. I don’t want to be in easy fights against journeymen. “I don’t want to look back on my career and just have a few titles against journeymen. “I want to have a go and take risks. You have to take risks in boxing and that is what I have done by entering this competition and I think it will bring out the best in me.”

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