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Frank in Time TOPromotions

Frank In Time Tommy Owens Promotions 28/10/17

Tommy Owens Promotions had their Halloween show “Frank In Time” at the Holte suite Villa park with a great line up of local talent on display. Headlined by Tamworth lad Charlie Williams against Nathan Kirk for the vacant Midlands area lightweight title, the Birmingham Boxing Column were looking forward to a great night of boxing, with TOP and Passion VIP ring girls doing the cards and Ben Walters comparing the show the stage was set.

Fight 1 David Seymour v Edward Byorklund

8 stone 11 8 stone 11 Featherweight 4x3

Seymour started his debut nice and sharp and moved well around the ring, Byorklund made a fight of the first round but Seymour was composed and won the round. The second round saw Seymour move well while Byorklund took the centre of the ring, Seymour stepped up the pace and banged in some cracking combinations to win the round.

Byorklund to his credit was still battling away in the third but Seymour was in full control with great combinations and body shots won the round. The final round saw Byorklund continue to press Seymour all the way to draw the round.

Result Dexter – 40-37 Ref – 40-38 Seymour wins on points

Fight 2 Tony Jones v Michael Mooney 9 stone 12 9 stone 13 Super lightweight 4x3

Mooney pressed Jones all the way in the first round, Jones moved well and controlled the ring and stayed composed and won the round. The second round saw Mooney battle hard and get some good shots in, Jones banged in some cracking body shots and combinations to win the round. In the third Jones worked Mooney's body well, Mooney game as ever showed lots of heart and banged in some good shots, Jones won the round with some cracking combinations and body shots. I have to give Mooney credit as he showed loads of heart and bottle and made Jones work for all four rounds and drawing the forth with his pressure.

Result Dexter 40-37 Ref 40-38 Jones wins on points

Fight 3 Shaun Cooper v David Zubrzycer 10 stone 1 10 stone 2 Welterweight

Cooper started brightly took a few shots but worked hard and got his own shots off to win the round. Cooper controlled the second and took the centre of the ring, Zubrzycer was making a fight of it but Cooper won the round. The third saw Cooper again control the ring and got some good combinations off, Zubrzycer covered up well and got through the rounds. In the final round Zubrzycer came out strong at the start, Cooper stayed composed and worked behind his jab winning the round at the end with some cracking combinations.

Results Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-37 Cooper wins on points


Fight 4 Carl Dickens v Sean Gorman 11 stone 9 11 stone 13 Super middleweight

Gorman came out fast at the start of the first, Dickens stayed composed and worked well behind his jab, Gorman got some shots off to draw the round. In the second Dickens worked well behind his jab and got some cracking combinations off, Gorman worked hard but Dickens won the round on work rate. Dickens jab dictated the third, he got some cracking combinations in to have his best round so far. Dickens again used his jab well and controlled the final round, banging in some cracking combinations to win the round and the fight.

Results Dexter 40-37 Ref 40-36 Dickens won on points



Fight 5 Ray Moylette v Luka Leskovic

8 stone 11 8 stone 11 Super lightweight 6x3

Moylette controlled the ring and just seemed to be feeling his opponent out, Moylette moved well and got some good shots off to win the round. In the second Moylette controlled the round again and got some cracking combinations off, he caught Leskovic with a cracking uppercut which wobbled Leskovic but he managed to see the round out. The third saw Moylette take his time and unload some cracking combinations, Leskovic took some heavy shots but kept moving to see the round out. In round four Moylette again controlled the ring and banged in some good shots, Leskovic got some decent shots off of his own but Moylett won the round. The fifth rounds Moylett took the centre of the ring and dictated the round, Leskovic got some good shots off again but Moylette won the round. In the sixth and final round Moylette controlled the final round with some nice shots, credit to Leskovic for seeing out the fight, Moylette again near the end of the round wobbled Leskovic with a lovely right hook.

Results Dexter 60-54 Ref 60-55 Moylette wins on points


Fight 6 Main Event Lightweight Midlands area title Charlie Williams v Nathan Kirk 9 stone 9 9 stone 8 10x3

Good start to this Midlands title fight with both fighters starting brightly, Williams nicked the first round. The second was another good round with both fighters getting their shots off, Kirk nicked this round for me. Round 3 saw Williams move well around the ring and get some good shots off and used his jab well. Kirk was still having joy and pushed Williams back, Williams then caught Kirk with a viscous uppercut as he came forward and then went on the attack with Kirk holding on with both boxers falling over as Williams attacked. In the forth Williams moved well and brought Kirk on to his counters, Kirk then walked onto another great uppercut putting him down for a 8 count. Kirk got to his feet and seemed to have recovered well and saw the round out.

Kirk Came out fast in the fifth but Williams slipped and slide out of the way around the ring and caught him again with a uppercut putting Kirk down for the second time in the fight. Kirk got to his feet again and saw the round out. Round six saw Williams class start to shine as he moved around the ring and caught Kirk with some cracking shots. Kirk continued to battle away but Williams won convincingly.

From the start of the round seven Williams caught Kirk with some hurtful shots. Kirk kept pressing but kept walking onto shots especially the uppercut. Kirk did bang in some good shots in this round but the eye catching shot were from Williams. Round eight Williams came out with content, Kirk kept pressing but then Williams caught him again with a great uppercut that put Kirk down and ended the fight. The ref started the count but Kirk shook his head to say he had had enough and the ref waved the fight over.

Result Williams wins 8th round stoppage. Charlie Williams New Midlands area lightweight champion



Dexter’s thoughts

What a absolute great night of boxing, Tommy Owens Promotions have done it again with a great undercard and a wicked main event. Great win for Carl Dickens who is looking to keep his momentum going and is fighting on the 2nd December at villa park. David Seymour looked impressive on his debut and could well been one to watch. Cooper kept up his unbeaten record and is looking very good, also Tony Jones had a great scrap with Michael Mooney. The Irish man Ray Moylette really did impressive me tonight with great movement, shot selection and patients. As for the main event, what a fight, massive congratulations to Charlie Williams and his team for winning the Midlands area title. Charlie has worked hard to get this shot and has been victorious against a very credible opponent in Nathan Kirk. We look forward to seeing Williams keep progressing and winning titles. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having us their and we look forward to their next event on the 18th November at Villa park.

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