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Davis Loses British Title Challenge

Davis Loses British Title Challenge

Sean “Showtime” Davis lost on points last night (11/11/17) in a epic encounter with Thomas Ward for his Super Bantamweight British title in Newcastle. Davis pressured Ward all the way with relentless attacks with Ward showing great movement and countering skills to win 5 out of the first 6 rounds. This is not to say Davis did not get any joy in the first part of the fight, with Ward sustaining cuts over both eye, the first one from a punch and the second from a clash of heads.

In rounds seven and eight Davis seemed to had turned the fight around and on my card won these rounds with some eye catching shots and great pressure fighting. Ward nicked round nine but round ten and eleven were even for me with Ward slowing and Davis still piling on the pressure. The final round saw Davis kept up his high tempo attacks with Ward who must have been told by his corner he was well ahead countering and moving well to win the last round. The judges score cards read like this Judge 1 scored it – 117-112 Ward, Judge 2 and 3 both scored the fight – 118-111 Ward, I had it 117- 113 Ward.

Davis took to social media last after to thank his team and his fans, Davis wrote - Want to thank everyone that came to support me in Newcastle ... I am absolutely devastated that I lost... Thomas Patrick Ward was the better man tonight and I have no arguments about that .... I know I didn’t perform to my best ability and feel I have massively let myself and everyone down words cant describe what I'm feeling now so I'm going to have a break spend some time with my kids and family, regroup and go again .... the love and support iv been shown by everyone from Brum was second to non and ill never be able to thank you all enough ... boxing is the greatest sport on earth ... congrats to Thomas Ward and his team and thank you to my team Peter Christie Errol Johnson Paul Mann Shaun Cogan Roger Cunningham.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I’m absolutely gutted for Sean as I know how much himself and his team have put into this British title fight challenge. You could not ask any more of the Birmingham super Bantamweight he gave it his heart and soul and kept his notorious high tempo pressure fighting up all the way though the match. I have seen a few things on social media about Sean getting robbed and the commentary being biased, I have to agree about the commentary, after the first round I turned the sound off but still scored the fight 117-113 to Ward. Sean was always going to be up against it fighting away from home and fighting a young man who has won all of his 22 fights. Ward countered really well and his movement was great, Sean did all that he could and it was a great clash of styles but I do have to agree with the decision. If you know me or have ever read any of my blogs on Sean you know I am a big Sean Davis fan and I know after a good rest and some time with his family he will be back and ready for his next challenge. The column looks forward to Sean “Showtime” Davis returning to the ring after a well earned rest and getting back to winning way.

I’d just like to add a great shout by someone on social media about Wards next defence being against another Birmingham lad Gamal Yafia who beat Sean for the WBC international title, I think this would be a great test for Ward and honestly don’t think Ward could deal with Yafia’s power.

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