• Dexter Hastings

Collision Course TOPromotions

Collision Course TOPromotions 18\11\17

Tommy Owens Promotions held their November show Collision Course (18/11/17) at Villa park Birmingham. With a great line up of some of the best young talent and veterans Birmingham and the Midlands have to offer the Birmingham Boxing Column where there to report on every fight.

Fight 1 Light Heavyweight Shaka Thompson v Callum Ide

11.12 12.8 4x3

Thompson controlled the first round and pushed Ide back, he set up some nice bursts of punches and some great combinations to win the round. In the second Thompson showed great shot selection and again put some great combinations together to win this round. Ide started to have a go in the third getting some good right hands off, Thompson moved well and came back with some good shots to win the round with ease. Thompson got on his toes in the final round and moved well around the ring popping out his jab and getting some cracking combinations off.

Result Dexter – 40 – 36 Ref – 40 – 36

Thompson wins via points

Fight 2 Karly Gee Wiggins v Jordan Grannum


10.13 11.5


Wiggins controlled the first round and seemed to just be weighing his opponent up. The second saw Wiggins again control the round and get some cracking shots off. Round three saw Wiggins take the centre of the ring and pick Grannum off with great combinations. Grannum did get some nice body shots off but Wiggins won the round. In the final round Wiggins looked composed and very slick as he popped out the jab out and banged in some classy combinations.

Result Dexter – 40 – 36 REF 40 – 36

Wiggin’s wins on points

Fight 3 Anthony Manning v Paul Cummings


11.3 11.2 4x3

Manning started the first round of his second fight very curiously but did enough in the round to just edge it. Cummings had a good go in the second round and got some cracking combinations off, Manning stayed composed and got some good shots of his own off finishing the round strong to just edge it. Manning started the third round brightly but Cummings came back strong with some nice jabs and nice combos to win the round. The final round saw Manning battle hard as Cummings could sense he could get something out of the fight, Manning again just nicked the round.

Result Dexter 39 – 37 Ref 40 – 38

Manning wins on points

Fight 4 Shaka Pitters v Jiri Svacina Cruiserweight

14.3 13.2 4x3

Pitters controlled the first round, working well behind his jab. Right at the start of the second round Pitters seemed to slip, but was counted by the ref. Pitters looked shocked at being counted and when the ref told them to continue boxing he took his frustrations out on Svacina banging in some cracking shots and some eye catching right hands. Round three saw Pitters use his jab well and control the ring winning the round with ease. In the final round Pitters again used his jab well and controlled the ring banging in some cracking shots.

Result Dexter 39-37 Ref 39-37

Pitters wins on points

Fight 5 Kaisee Benjamin v Sam Omidi 4x3

10.13 11.1 Welterweight

Benjamin worked well and controlled the round, Omidi battled hard but Benjamin won the round. Round two saw Benjamin have some fun as his confidence grew dropping his hands and slipping and countering punches well. Benjamin got back to his boxing in the third putting in some good combinations, Omidi was putting up a good fight but it was clear Benjamin was the better boxer. The final round saw Omidi continue to make it a competitive contest but Benjamin just out classed him with his slick and classy boxing.

Result Dexter 40-36 Ref 40-36

Benjamin wins on points

Fight 6 Sean Daly v Zygimantas Butkevicius

10.12 11.3

Middleweight 4x3


Both fighters started well and there was nothing to separate them in the first round, the second was another round with not much between them. Daly had a slight cut under his right eye but edged the round on work rate. Round three was another hard round with both fighters battling hard Butkevicius was left with a bad cut above his left eye half way through the round after a accidental clash of head. He managed to get to the end of the round, the fight was stopped by his corner as he was in no condition to continue.


Fight stopped at end of third Daly wins TCO

Fight 7 Ishmael Ellis v Andrej Cepur

10.5 10.10

Super welterweight 4x3

Both fighter came out with intent and both threw big over hand rights with Ellis's catching Cepur clean putting him down for a eight count. Ellis then went in for the kill but Cepur tucked up and covered up well to see the round out. In the second Ellis got back to his boxing and used his jab to work his way in for some great combinations. Ellis continued his good work in the third banging in some heavy shots, Cepur did well to get through the round. In the final round of the fight Ellis showed great shot selection banging combinations as he cruised to victory.


Dexter 40-36

Ref 40-36

Ellis wins on points

Dexter’s Thoughts

Another great night of small hall boxing brought to you by Tommy Owens Promotions, it was great seeing the veteran Karly Gee showing off his skill. This was the first time I have seen him boxes live and I was very impressed. Kaisee Benjamin showed off his skills tonight with some very classy boxing and is looking like a real prospect coming from the Eastside gym. Sean Daly really impressed me tonight in a battling performance, he showed lots of heart and great combination, it was a shame the fight had to be stopped due to the cut but these things happen in boxing. It was great seeing Anthony Manning getting his first win after he was stopped in his first fight, he did look nervous but grew into the fight and showed a lot of heart and determination to get the win. ShakaThompson made a good show of himself in his second pro fight and has improved his shot selection and movement from the first time I saw him. Pitters also showed his ever improving skills, I was practically impressed with his shot selection and his accuracy. He is looking to move up to 6 rounder’s and I think he is more than ready. Last but no means least Ishmael Ellis looked very sharp in the ring tonight and after having Six’s 4 rounder’s is more than ready for a six rounder and fingers crossed then go for a challenge belt later next year. This show goes to show the great wealth of boxing talent Birmingham and the Midlands have to offer. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having us there to report on there great show and look forward to the next one.