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Bombs Away BcB Promotions

Bombs Away

BcB Promotions


Black Country Boxing held their latest show Bombs Away at the Imperial Banqueting suite Bilston. At the start of the night the highest tribute was give to Reagan Asbury who was tragically murdered at of the BCB shows in Walsall a few months ago, Regan was given the 10 Bells salute. With 5 bouts of boxing two four rounder’s and two six rounder’s and the main event being contested over 8 the stage was set for a great night of professional boxing.

Fight 1

James Beech Jnr v Elvis Guillen

9.1. 6x3 9.6


Beech took control of the round from the first bell with fast hands and great shot selection. In the second round Beech showed great movement and shot selection again banging in some cracking combinations to win the round with ease. Round three was another round controlled by Beech, Guillen had a go in this round but seemed to be jumping in with his shots. Beech sustained a nasty cut above his left eye due to a clash of heads. Guillen also sustained a cut on his hair line from another clash of heads.

The cut did not seem to bother Beech as they came out for the forth round, the baby faced assassin again showed great movement and shot selection to win the round comfortably. Beech showed nice neat work in round five and was looking like a boxer who had a lot more pro experience than just having five pro fights. In the final round Beech went through the gears winning the round and his fifth fight with ease.


Dexter 60-54

Ref 60-54

Beech wins on points

I contacted James via social media about his great win, the young boxer said this “I felt it went well, the cut just makes it look worst than it was, but then again it a learning curve and I feel when I got the cut I stepped it up a level and boxed a bit better really”.

Fight 2

Nathan Heaney v Sean Gorman

11.9. 4x3. 11.10


Heaney who was making his debut in the pro ranks started the first round fast and controlled the ring with his long jab. In round two Heaney banged in some good body shots and combinations to win the round.

Heaney controlled the third round from the start with his long jab and hurtful combinations and some nice left hook body shots. The final round saw Heaney bang in some cracking combinations to cruise to victory on his debut.


Dexter 40-36

Ref 40-36

Heaney wins on points

Fight 3

Anthony Woolery v Dmittitru Kalinovski



Woolery had a hard first round on his debut against a very tough and tall Kalinovski, Woolery just edged the round on work rate. Kalinovski controlled the first part of the second round with his long jab, Woolery came back near the end with some good shots but Kalinovski won this round.

Woolery got some good combinations off at the start of the third round, Kalinovski came back with some good shots of his own. The final round saw Woolery bang in some good shots but Kalinovski controlled the round moving well and using his jab and some nice combinations.


Dexter 38-39

Ref 37-40

Kalinovski wins on points

Fight 4

Jason Welborn v Christian Hosjen Gomez

11.10. 6x3 11.6


Welborn got his jab going from the start and controlled the rounds with shots to the body and head, Gomez banged in some good shots of his own but it was Weborns round. The second round saw both fighters go to war trading shots to the body and the head, nothing between them in this round. Round three saw Wellborn started the round strong with great combination and seemed to be controlling the round, Gomez came back at him in the second part of the round with Welborn just edging it.

Welborn started the forth round strong but Gomez matched him all the way, Welborn finished

the round stronger as Gomez sustained a cut above his left eye. Gomez and Welborn matched each other shot for shot with Welborn shots seeming to be the more eye catching shots, but that takes nothing away from Gomez who showed heart and determination. In the final round both fighters gave it their all with Welborn banging in some cracking combinations and Gomez coming back with great combination of his own and some nice uppercuts.


Dexter – 60-56

Ref – 60-55

Welborn wins in points

Fight 5

Main Event

Ricky Summers v Gonzalo Romero

12.10. 8x3. 12.13


Summers picked his shots well in the first round controlling the ring well and working behind his jab. In round two Summers gave a technical master class shooting out nice one, twos and blocking anything that came back at him. Summers had Romero down in this round as he turned him coming in as he caught him with a jab followed by a nice right hand uppercut. Remero took a 8 count and then went into a shell and covered up for the rest of the round to see it out. Round three saw. Summers control the round by using his jab as Remero stayed tucked up and did not commit to any attacks.

Round four was another round controlled by Summers as he worked behind his jab well, Remero got some shots off but nothing to worry Summers. In round five Summers continued his good work and started walking the Spaniard down as he would not come forward. Summers continued to walk Remero down and banged in round six with some cracking body shots as he switched from orthodox to south paw with ease.

In the penultimate round Summers continued to press Remero but the Spaniard was in survival mode and covered up well to see the round out. The eighth and final round Remero had ago and came out of his defensive shell, Summers counter his attack with some cracking shots and a one point looked like he could end it in this round. Remero went back in to defence mode and covered up to see out the round and the fight.


Dexter – 80- 71

Ref 89- 72

Summers wins on points

I talked to Ricky on the phone the day after and I asked him firstly how he felt about not getting his Midlands title shot and then how he thought his fight went. The Sandwell Digger told me “Joe pulling out was disappointing as I had spent the last 2 months training for a southpaw. As for the fight it was pretty easy especially after I put him down in the second, after that he did not want to know and covered up and ran. I really wanted to stop him but it was hard as he was so negative after the knock down, I could have took him in the final round as he was starting to take some heavy shots, some refs may have stopped it”

I then asked Ricky what his plans are for next year? He told me “I am looking to fight for the English title, that is my goal, I have fought for the British Light Heavyweight title against Buglioni so I think I should get the chance to fight for the English”. I then asked Summers if he would be fighting Sheriff for the Midlands title next year? He informed me “I really want the English title and that’s what I’m looking at for next year, if that does not pan out I would overously take that fight but I’m after the English title in 2018.

Dexter's Thoughts

What a great night of boxing, the BCB always put on a entertaining Show and what a line up with the likes of Welborn and Summers headlining. I thought the 10 bell tribute was a very nice touch and the most respectful tribute in boxing for Reagan Asbury.

The show was kicked off with a six rounder featuring the very talented James Beech Jnr, I have watched 4 out of his 5 fights and have been impressed every time I have seen him. He boxes at a leave well beyond his years and I have to say I am a big fan already, he has already got a big following and will definitely be one to watch in the coming year. I could even see him if he continues the way he is going definitely picking up a challenge belt and may be even getting a crack at a Midlands area by the end of 2018.

Heaney looked impressive on his debut, he has a good reach and looks technical sound. Woolery had a hard test in his debut against a very durable fighter in Kalinovski, I have seen Kalinovski fight several times this year and has always ask questions of his opponent so I knew that if Woolery was not on point he could get beat. Unfortunately for Woolery he wasn’t and Kilinovski won, hopefully Woolery will move on from this defeat and get to winning ways in his next fight.

Jason Welborn had a very testing fight against a very game opponent, on the score cards he won with ease but was made to work for every round by Gomez. This was clearly fight of the night due to the great way the fighters traded punches, very entertaining.

Summers showed some class in his fight and did what he could as after his opponent was put down with some nice counter shots he became negative and tucked up for the rest of the fight. It was disappointing that Sheriff had to pull out due to illness, unfortunately this fight may not happen but I can see Summers thinking. He has fought at British leave so fighting for a Midlands title seems a big step down, winning 14 out of his 15 fights I think he deserves a shot at the English.

The Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to seeing these boxes in the future and thank the BCB for having us at their show.

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