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Tyne Rogers  Eyes on the SPBF Title

Tyne Rogers

Eyes on the SPBF Title

Ex Irish Guard Tyne Rogers has his eyes firmly focused on the lightweight Semi Professional Boxing Federation title which he will be fighting for on Saturday 2nd December at the H-suite Edgbaston on the Fightden/D&A Ring Wars 2. This inspiring boxer who lost the lower part of his left leg to a IED roadside bombs while on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan has not let his disability hamper him.

My first Question to Tyne was how has his training camp gone? Tyne 28 told me “Yeah training has been quite intense this time round as I’ve been training twice a day 6 days of the week. I am definitely been more focused and enjoying it a lot more this time round”.

I then asked Rogers who served in the 1st Battalion how winning the title would make him feel? He said “Obviously I would be buzzing if I win the title, but my main focus is the fight itself, I need to win that before I get my hands on the belt”.

My next question was about his disability and has it hampered his training? This inspiring young mate told me “I’ve definitely pushed myself a lot more this time, and have picked up quite a few cuts a sores on my stump, but I just get in there and get on with it as best I can”.

Tyne ended by saying “I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who’s been there to support me on my journey”.

I contacted Tyne’s trainer Neil Hateley at Pad Fit Birmingham and asked him how he thought Tyne’s training had gone? He told me “Tyne has been working on his power, strength and conditioning and advancing his technical work with Shae and will be looking for an early stoppage”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I feel honored to be asked to referee Fightden and D&A’s Ring Wars 2 this Saturday, Tyne is a inspiration to everyone at not letting tragedy or injuries hamper what you want to achieve in your life. I was the ref when Tyne made his debut last year and was really impressed with his movement and boxing skills. He countered well and slipped attacks better than a lot of unlicensed boxers with 2 legs. What ever the result on Saturday Tyne will be a winner as just stepping through the rope is achievement in itself, he is a true inspiration and I will be honored to ref this fight.

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