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  • James Deen

The Dons Last Stand

The Dons Last Stand

Tommy Owen Promotions

02-12-17 @ The Holte Suite, Villa Park

Photographer: Daniel Spence Photography

Line up: (In order)

Lee Gunter (Cannock @ 10st 3lb, 1-0-0, white/ Camo trunks)


Kristian Laight (Nuneaton @ 10st 4lb, 12-259-8, Blue and White trunks)4 x rounds.

Lenny Evans (Shrewsbury @ 10st 5lb, Pro-debut, White/ Gold trunks) 

Naheem Chaudry (Blackburn @ 10st 8lb, 0-6-0, Black/ White trunks)

4 x 3 minute rounds.

Tommy Silcox (Tamworth @ 10st 11lb, 3-0-0, White trunks)


Duane Green (Norwich @ 11st 1lb, 4-30-5, Green/ Silver trunks)

4 x 3 minute rounds.

Kelcie Ball (Dordon @ 11st 3lb, 7-0-0, Black/ Orange trunks)


Kevin McCauley (Stourbridge @ 11st 2lb, 15-155-12, Black/ White trunks)

6 x 3 minute rounds.

Don Broadhurst (Birmingham @ ???, 19-4-1, Black/ Green/ Grey trunks)


Anwar Alfadi (Sheffield @ 8st 10lb, Black trunks)

6 x 3 minute rounds.

Lee Gunter Vs Kristian Laight

Gunter, feeling confident off the back of his first win, opens the fight straight in with body shots to Laight. Continuing to show his confidence throughout the first round, Gunter landed a couple of combos, but not really phasing Laight. Moving into the second round Gunter continues to attack the body of his opponent and controlling the fight well. After a few exchanges, Laight starts to get comfortable. In round 3 Gunter continues to go for the body while picking off his head strikes while Laight covers up. Laight continues to show confidence as his guard starts to drop and laughing off some of the exchanges. After touching gloves going into round 4, Laight moves around trying to mix it up and become unpredictable, but not really budging Gunter. Other than time being called for a minor clash of heads, both fighters seemed gassed by the final bell.

James: 40 – 36 (Gunter)

Ref Score: 40 – 37 (Gunter)

Lenny Evans Vs Naheem Chaudary

Evans, looking good on his debut fight opens up proceedings with a couple of clean headshots leading into exchanges between both fighters at the beginning of the round. Evans continued to look solid as he controlled the fight from the centre of the ring, while a confident Chaudhary was punching nothing but air. During in the second round, Evans continued to show dominance, picking and timing his punches with ease and rocking Chaudhary with a big left hook. Chaudhary had no answer throwing combos that went nowhere. Evans took hold in round 3 utilising his combos and speed to really put the pressure on Chaudary. Evans began round 4 strong and continued to dominate, delivering more hits than the Beatles. Chaudhary tried to answer with a succession of jabs but was not nearly enough at the end of the forth.

My Score: 40 – 36 (Evans)

Ref Score: 40 – 36 (Evans)

Tommy Silcox Vs Duane Green

Green looked nervous in the opening seconds of round 1 walking straight on to a huge right cross from the undefeated Tommy Silcox. There were a few good exchanges but Silcox clearly ran this bout from the beginning. Green continues to defend in round two as Silcox got caught with a straight right. After a big exchange, Green was left shrugging his shoulders not seeming to be bothered by the combos from Silcox. In Round 3, although Green parried many strikes, he failed to capitalise on Tommy’s sometimes ‘wild style’ which left himself exposed on a few occasions, leaving him open to unnecessary blows. Green still looked nervous in the fourth round and didn’t seem comfortable in the fight, while Evans looked solid, light on his feet and ready for more rounds. A red mark started to appear under the left eye of Green as Silcox tried to finish the fight before the final bell.

My Score: 40 – 37 (Silcox)

Ref: Score: 40 – 37 (Silcox)

Kelcie Ball Vs Kevin McCauley

As the fight began both fighters had an enormous amount of respect for each other as this is not the first time they have faced off. Sizing each other up Ball starts the exchange and controls the first round. McCauley opens round two with a good left, putting Ball on the back foot. As Ball starts to settle into the round controlling the fight from the centre of the ring, McCauley brings the action to him, not easing up and keeping the fans on their feet. Round three is where the exchanges come thick and fast with McCauley catching Ball during the clinch, but Ball answers right back landing a devastating 4 hit combo. McCauley hits himself on the chin egging on Ball to fight! Round four and McCauley comes out swinging while Ball keeps his composure, picking and landing more shots than a uni student on freshers week. The action continues in round five where Ball comes out his corner fast and controls the round straight away, not taking any rubbish from his opponent. Both fighters are looking composed leading into the final round. Round six and both boxers come out fight. Leading into huge exchanges Ball does not make the most of rocking McCauley with a sweet left hook to the chin. From there the boxing got fast with Ball coming out on top looking sharp, focussed and ready for more while McCauley tired.

**My fight of the night**

My Score: 60 – 56 (Ball)

Ref Score: 60 – 54 (Ball)

Don Broadhurst Vs Anwar Alfadi

Don steps into the ring looking focused on the final professional fight of his career. Alfadi looks confident but Broadhurst is looking sharp. Both fighters weighing each other up in the first round with a lot of movement from both with a little bit of showboating from Alfadi, but Don leads after round one. During round two both fighters continue to assess each other, picking and timing their shots. Don continues to control the fight. In round three Broadhurst starts to make Alfadi work by controlling the ring and showing what has made him so good all this time. Alfadi goes down quite possibly from a slip, flicking himself back on to his feet before the Ref started the count. Broadhurst is really showing dominance now.

Alfadi switched his stance at the start of round four to southpaw which did not help, catching a few to the head from Broadhurst before switching back. Throughout round 5 Alfadi continued to throw ‘wild’ shots looking for the lottery ticket, but Broadhurst had his number. Although Broadhurst stayed calm and focussed, Alfadi continue with his amateurish style, showboating and trying to land uppercuts from a distance, making himself look ‘scrappy’! Going into the 6th Alfadi continued to search for the ‘one-punch’ knockout but had nothing on Broadhurst’s pace, skill and dominance. A little bit of showboating from both fighters before the bell, deciding the round and fight to Broadhurst.

My Score: 60 – 53 (Broadhurst)

Ref Score: 60 – 55 (Broadhurst)

Just want to add a huge congratulations to Don Broadhurst for such an amazing career and finishing your boxing journey here in Birmingham. All the best for the future. James –

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