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Top Amateur Boxer Tommy Collins

Top Amateur Boxer Tommy Collins 

Tommy Collins is a 19 year old amateur boxer from Northfield Birmingham. Tommy known as “Tommy Gun” boxes out of Hall Green ABC and is trained by his dad and Tommy Chaney. After being inspired to box by his dad he took the sport up from a early age having his first amateur fight at the age of 11. The Light welterweight has had a great amateur career winning 11 Birmingham and Midlands titles, he has also been a National finalist and informed me he has been rob a number of times when fighting in the Nationals.

Tommy's favorite boxer at the moment is Vasyl Lomachenko and when asked about the best fight he has seen he said “that’s hard to say, it’s got to be one of Manny Pacquiao's when he was in his prime like his fight against Dela Hoya.

Collins who is currently half way through a business management degree at university finished by saying “Over my boxing career I have had many extremely controversial decisions go against me, which has prevented me from winning national championships against the likes of Charlie Kenny, Ben Marksby and more recently my last contest in the nabcs championships”. I then asked him if he had aspirations of turning professional? This talented young man told me “l am looking to turn pro in about 18 months when I’m finished at university”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Tommy started boxing at a young age and has won 11 Birmingham and Midlands titles, he has been a finalist in the Nationals and claims to have been robbed several times in his quest to win NABC title. I can well believe this as over the years I have seen friends and other boxers done over as thier face don’t fit, or their not form the fancied gym. This unfortunately has always been a part of amateur boxing and probably always will. Tommy is currently at uni studying business management and is looking to turn pro after he has completed his degree, fingers crossed he get his hands on that national title before he turns pro. The Birmingham Boxing Column look forward to seeing Tommy Gun Collins in the pro ranks when he finishes his degree.

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