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Night Before Christmas BcB promotions

Night Before Christmas BcB promotions

Black country boxing promotions held their final show “The Night Before Christmas” of 2017 at the holiday Inn Birmingham (21/12/17). The Birmingham Boxing Column were there to report on the show and enjoy the festive hospitality of the BcB as they laid on a table and a two course meal. With 4 fights on the card, one four rounder, two six rounder’s and the main event consisting of 8 three minute rounds and with Ben Walker comparing and the ring girls supplied by Medusa Lounge the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Kane Baker v Chris Adaway 4x3

Bright start to the first round of the night with both fighters starting well, Baker just edged the round with the more intense attacks. Baker moved well around the ring as Adaway pushed him back, Baker countered with some nice hooks and eventually took the centre of the ring and controlled the round. In the third Adaway continued to press and looked like he had came to win, Baker moved well and worked from body to head well but did not have it his own way in this round. The final round saw Adaway again press Baker as he got some good shots off , Baker came back at the end to even the round up.

Result Dexter – 40-38 Ref - 40-37

Baker wins on Points

Fight 2 Anthony Cacae v Reynaldo Mora 6x3

Cacae worked well in the first and banged in some cracking combinations going from head to body. In the second Cacae controlled the ring and banged in some cracking combinations again, Mora kept trying a big over hand right to no avail. Round three saw Cacae catch Mora with a lovely straight right to the body putting him down in the early part of the round. Mora got to his feet and managed to get to the end of the round. Mora was on the canvas again in the forth after Cacae caught him with a cracking combinations ending with a over hand right. Mora again got to his feet and covered up to see the round out. Round five saw Mora just cover up as Cacae picked his punches well and banged in some great combinations, Cacae was warned twice about hitting low in this round. The final round Cacae went to work again but was warned again for a low blow and had a point taken off him, Cacae continued to work well and cruised to victory.

Result Dexter – 59-52 Ref – 59-52

Cacae wins points victory

Fight 3 Jordàn Clayton v Danny Little 6x3

Clayton started brightly and got some great combinations off and rocked Little on a number of occasions. Round two saw Clayton banging in some great shots, Little did catch Clayton with some nice over hand rights. Clayton sustained a slight cut over his left eye due to littles head. Round three started with the ref having the doctor look at Clayton’s eye, the doctor gave him the all clear and the round continued. Little started to step up his work rate and caught Clayton with some good shots. Clayton with blood streaming down his face battled back hard. Round four saw Clayton battle hard but he had sustained a number of cuts over and under both eyes due to Little's use of his head. Blood continued to stream down Clayton’s face for round three and four. In the tithed round Clayton’s eyes were still bleeding and just after the round had started Clayton turned his back on Little and looked over to his corner telling them he could not see, the ref had no choice but to stop the fight.


Little wins Ref stopped fight in the fifth

Fight 4 Tom Stokes v Nick Jenman 8x3

Both fighters started well banging in good shots, Stokes nicked the round with the cleaner shots. The second round started even with both fighters getting their shots off well, Jenman then caught Stokes with a viscous combinations starting with two nice right hooks with these being the telling punches and ending with a left hook which put Stokes down. Stokes managed to get to his feet but the ref stopped the fight as Stokes was in no position to continue.Stokes was taken to hospital after the fight to make sure he was ok, he was checked over and is fine.


Jenman wins 2nd round stoppage

Dexter's Thoughts

What way to end to the year, many thanks to Black Country Boxing for having us at all their shows this year and putting me on a table for a two course meal at this show. The four fights were great and there were a few upsets, Jordan Clayton was handed his first defeat by Journey man Danny Little. Clayton pulled himself out of the fight due to the extensive cut he had sustained for Little being a bit keen with his head. This is part of boxing and things like this happen in sure Clayton will learn from this defeat but it is a set back as I was hoping that Clayton and Kelcie Ball might get it on in 2018 for the Midlands Super welterweight title. Fingers crossed this may still happen but Kelcie did stop Little when he fought him for a British challenge belt.The Birmingham Boxing Column hope that you have all had a great Christmas and gave a very happy new year.The main event had its own surprises this was the first time I had seen Nick Jenman fight and was looking forward to seeing him up against the home boxer Tom Stokes. I knew Stokes was a good boxer and I had heard about Jenman for a while now and was very impressed when he ended it in the second round. The former southern area champ really impressed me and I look forward to seeing him fight in Birmingham again.