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  • Dexter Hastings

Smoking Joe’s Ever increasing Stable

Smoking Joe’s

Ever increasing Stable

Smoking Joe’s Professional Gym in Digbeth Birmingham has been open for just over a year and a half now and has begun to attract some of the Midlands top pro boxers into its fold. With bbcolumn's boxer to watch 2016 Jordan Lynch (1 win - 1 loss) moving over from sister gym Fightden to join the pro ranks at Smoking Joe’s in 2016 closely followed by Tamworth’s unbeaten fighter Kelcie Ball (8 wins O defeats).

Ball while being under the tutelage of ex pro fighter Shaun Cogan at Smoking Joe’s has kept his unbeaten record, won a super welterweight British challenge belt and is set to fight on the big BcB show “Now or Never” at the Genting arena on 23rd February 2018. Ball is also being lined up for a crack at the Midlands area super welterweight title if he puts on a good display on the BcB show.

Professional boxer Josh Baillie has also joined the smoking Joe’s ranks, Baillie (5 wins 4 defeats) he has some nice wins under his belt and has also won a challenge belt at super featherweight.

This would be a good stable already but it don’t stop their, Smoking Joe’s has just had a new boxer join the gym, he is the former English and WBC international super Bantamweight champ who has also contested for the British title Sean Davis. Davis (13 wind 2 defeats) has joined Smoking Joe’s in the last few weeks and is already in camp for a fight on the BcB show “Now or Never” 23rd February.

Smoking Joe’s has also got its up and coming fighters who are in the midst of acquiring their professional licences. Super welterweight Ben Fields has gone for his pro license after winning his final unlicensed fight winning the SPBF super welterweight Midlands area title. Also at Heavyweights Shaun Duffy another unlicensed fighter has applied for his license, Shaun is unbeaten as a unlicensed fighter and is looking to keep this momentum going in the pro ranks.

Last but by no means least you have Nathan Bendon, Bendon has had a couple of unlicensed fights but his main danger comes from his Muay Thai background where he is currently the European champion. Bendon has also applied for his professional boxing licence and had some cracking wins in unlicensed boxing.

Trainer and coach Shaun Cogan is well established in the Midlands boxing scene with his pad sessions being notoriously grueling. Cogan is an ex pro and is passing on his experience and knowledge to the new generation of boxers coming though. Smoking Joe’s is a welcome addition to the many pro gyms in Birmingham and the Black Country.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Smoking Joe’s is growing in reputation as one of the up and coming pro gyms in Birmingham. It already has a impressive stable of boxers which I’m sure will continue to grow. With sister gym Fightden preparing, up and coming boxers to step to the pro ranks via the unlicensed scene, smoking Joe’s is going to continue