• Dexter Hastings

BcB Super Series

BcB Super Series 10/02/2018

Black country boxing held their first show of the new year at the Stadium suite at Walsall football ground. The long awaited BcB super series which was cancel last year and has been plagued by fighters being injured and pulling out went straight to the semi finals. The semi finals where contested by Indi Sangha against Louis Fielding and Paul Holt against Luke Jones both fights were over 6 three minute rounds. There was also a great undercard with Jordan Cooke starting the show with a 4 rounder and female professional boxer Rachel Ball having her second fight and her first over 6 rounds. With Ben Walters comparing the show, Shaun Messer refereeing and the stunning Heather Smith doing the ring cards the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Jordan Cooke v Edvinas Puplauskas 10.7. 4x3 10.6. Super Welterweight

A cautious start by both fighters with both of them feeling each other out making it a very close round. Cooke with his southpaw stance had the better of the exchanges and won the round. Cooke started the second round nice and sharp but Puplauskas got some good shots off in the middle of the round. Cooke then picked up the pace and came back with good shots of his own winning the round.

Round 3 saw Cooke really take control banging in some good combinations and some nice one twos. Cooke continued his good work in the final round, he moved well and was still banging in some good combinations. Puplauskas kept the fighting hard but lost the round.


Dexter – 40–36 Ref – 40-36 Cookie wins on points

Fight 2 Rachel Ball v Bojana Libiszewek 8 11. 6x2. 8.13 Featherweight

Ball started fast and got her shots off well showing good technique and speed. Libiszewek moved well but was overwhelmed by the talker Ball. Round 2 was another good round by Ball showing great shot selection and controlled aggression. Libiszewek was again overwhelmed but was getting some good shots off when she could.

In the third Ball controlled the fight from start to finish, Lebiszewek had a go in this round but Ball was always in control. The forth was a good solids round by both fighters, Lebiszewek got some good shots off and took the centre of the ring in parts. Ball continued her good work and got some good shots off of her own.

Another good round for both boxers as they both looked to mix it up. Both got good shots off and at times they just had a tare up in the centre of the ring, Ball nicked this round with the better shots. The final round saw Lebiszewek take the fight to Ball, Ball accepted the challenge winning the round and the fight.

Result Dexter - 60-55 Ref – 60-56 Ball wins on points

Fight 3 Semi-final Super Series Louis Fielding v India Sangha 6x3 Lightweight

Both fighters started cautiously with Sangha just edging the first part of the round. Sangha then stepped up the pace and near the end of the round caught Fielding with a leading right then a left hand from his southpaw stance putting Fielding down. Fielding got to his feet and was allowed to continue, Sangha jumped on Fielding again with only the Bell saving him.

Round two saw Sangha go for it from the bell with Sangha boxing clever to try and get the stoppage. Sangha caught Fielding with some cracking shots around the 2 minute mark with the ref having to jump in and stopping the fight as Fielding could not protect himself.

Result Sangha wins Ref stops fight in 2nd round.

Fight 4 Super Series Luke Jones v Paul Holt 9.8 6x3 9.5 Lightweight

Both boxers came out firing, Holt had the better of the first few exchanges but Jones came back with shots of his own with both fighters finishing the round strong. The second was another cracking round with both fighters getting good shots off. You could see both fighters wanted to win this one as they gave it their all. Both fighters seem to settle down in the third with Jones getting his jab going at the start and it was working well. Holt came back strong in the second part of the round to just nick it.

Round four saw Holt continue his good work from the start with some cracking combinations and evil body shots. Jones battled back but you could see the body shots were starting to take their toll. Holt pressed in the 5th round with some good combinations and body shots, Jones showed loads of heart coming back with shots of his own as at times he did look like he was ready to go.

In the sixth and final round Jones went for it as he must have been told he was behind, Holt came back into the fight as Jones seemed to fade and won the round.

Result Dexter -59-57 Ref -58-57 Holt wins on points.

Dexter's Thoughts

Great start to the year with this BcB show, Jordan Cooke looked nice and sharp in his 4 rounder winning every round. Rachel Ball looked fantastic in her first 6 rounder against a very tough opponent, Ball had great movement and showed she could go to war if needed but won her second fight convincingly. Paul “The incredible” Holt showed heart determination and some great combinations against Jones with his body shot winning him this fight as they slowed Jones down. Indi Sangha looked another level as he eased his way into the final of the super series stopping the talented Louis Fielding in the second round. This has set up a great final with Holt and Sangha meeting sometime this year for the Midlands area lightweight title. These two fighters have met before last year with Sangha winning on points, I was at this show and thought the fight was a lot closer than the ref and some people thought. I have to say Sangha looked fantastic in his fight and has improved since I last saw him last, but Holt has improved and seems to have a new hunger for the game. This is a great final and I can not wait to see which fighter is crowned the champ.