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Tommy Owens Promotions - Stormbringers

Tommy Owens Promotions



Tommy Owens Promotions held thier first professional boxing show of the year at the Holte Suite Villa Park Birmingham (17/02/18). The show showcased some of the best up and coming fighters and veterans in the Midlands and was being headlined by Eastside’s Ryan Kelly in a 8 rounder. With an undercard of 6 four minute round fights with the Ring girls supplied by Passion VIP the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1

Carl Dickens v Emuanal Masinga

Super middleweight


Dickens started brightly and banged in some heavy shots from the start, Masinga came back well in the middle part of round. Dickens took control again in the later part of the round using his jab well. In round 2 Masinga started strong and got some good shots off, Dickens fought back hard in the middle part of the round with Masinga finishing the round well.

Masinga took control in the third with some cracking shots, Dickens battled hard but was getting caught with some heavy shots. The final round saw Masinga move well around the ring as he could sense he had the upper hand. Dickens showed great heart but Masinga won the round.


Dexter – 38-39

Ref – 37-39

Masinga won on points

Fight 2

Lee Gunter v Bayern Chaudry



Nice tidy start by Gunter with great combinations and shot selection to control and win the round with ease. The second round saw Gunter in control again, Chaudry moved well but Gunter was in control.

Gunter showed great workmate in the third with plenty of combinations and uppercuts. Chaudry continued to move well but was no match for Gunter. Gunter banged in some cracking shots in the final round catching Chaudry with some great shots. Chaudry moved well and managed to see the final bell.


Dexter – 40-36

Ref – 40-36

Gunter wins on points

Fight 3

Marcus French v Liam Richards