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Tommy Owens Promotions - Stormbringers

Tommy Owens Promotions



Tommy Owens Promotions held thier first professional boxing show of the year at the Holte Suite Villa Park Birmingham (17/02/18). The show showcased some of the best up and coming fighters and veterans in the Midlands and was being headlined by Eastside’s Ryan Kelly in a 8 rounder. With an undercard of 6 four minute round fights with the Ring girls supplied by Passion VIP the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1

Carl Dickens v Emuanal Masinga

Super middleweight


Dickens started brightly and banged in some heavy shots from the start, Masinga came back well in the middle part of round. Dickens took control again in the later part of the round using his jab well. In round 2 Masinga started strong and got some good shots off, Dickens fought back hard in the middle part of the round with Masinga finishing the round well.

Masinga took control in the third with some cracking shots, Dickens battled hard but was getting caught with some heavy shots. The final round saw Masinga move well around the ring as he could sense he had the upper hand. Dickens showed great heart but Masinga won the round.


Dexter – 38-39

Ref – 37-39

Masinga won on points

Fight 2

Lee Gunter v Bayern Chaudry



Nice tidy start by Gunter with great combinations and shot selection to control and win the round with ease. The second round saw Gunter in control again, Chaudry moved well but Gunter was in control.

Gunter showed great workmate in the third with plenty of combinations and uppercuts. Chaudry continued to move well but was no match for Gunter. Gunter banged in some cracking shots in the final round catching Chaudry with some great shots. Chaudry moved well and managed to see the final bell.


Dexter – 40-36

Ref – 40-36

Gunter wins on points

Fight 3

Marcus French v Liam Richards



Ffrench showed a good work rate in the opening round banging in some good shots. Richards worked hard and stayed with Ffrench but Ffrenchy won the round. The second saw Richards give Ffrench a good test as the Eastside veteran moved well round the ring and controlled the fight. Richards kept pressing but Ffrench had the answer every time.

Richards continued to press but Ffrench returned fire with some cracking shots, Ffrench looked relaxed throughout the round which finished even. Ffrench moved well around the ring again and controlled the round. Richards kept pressing and got some good combinations together to score another even round.


Dexter – 40-38

Ref – 39-38

Ffrench wins on points

Fight 4

Thomas Silcox v Andrew Ponsford



Silcox controlled the first round with a good jab and some cracking combinations. The second saw Silcox bang in some great shots in this round with some eye-catching uppercuts.

Silcox bossed the third round from start to finish and caught Ponsford with some evil body shots. In the final round Silcox came out firing and really put Ponsford under pressure. Ponsford was put down by an evil body shot by Silcox . The ref counted Ponsford who could not beat the count.


Silcox wins Ponsford counted out

Fight 5

Reiss “Showy” Taylor v Gary Reiss

Super Flyweight


A scrappy start to Taylor’s long awaited debut in Birmingham after having his first 3 fights in London. The scrappiness was more down to Reiss holding than anything else, Taylor caught Reiss with the much better shots in this round. Taylor was counted by the ref in the first as he seemed to trip over but the ref counted it as a knockdown.

In the second Showy came out with some purpose and was moving well around the ring. Twenty eight seconds into the round Reiss threw a big right hand which caught Taylor clean on the jaw putting him down. Taylor managed to get to his feet but was very unsteady so the ref had no choice but to stop the fight.


Reiss win second round stoppage

Fight 6

Sean Daly v Jordan Grannum

Super welterweight


Daly controlled the first round and worked well behind a stiff jab. Daly showed great workmate in the second bossing the round with great accuracy nice combinations and body shots.

In the third Daly who had brought a massive support with him dominated the round with a high work rate and shot selection. The final round saw Grannum coming out of his shell but Daly continued his high work rate and cruised to a shut out victory.


Dexter – 40-36

Ref – 40-36

Daly wins on points

Fight 7

Ryan Kelly v Christian Hoskin – Gomez

Super welterweight


Kelly moved well around the ring in the first round banged in some tidy combinations and controlled the fight from the start. The second round saw Kelly show great movement as Gomez made a fight of it, Kelly won the round but Gomez had stepped up the pace.

Kelly picked up the pace in the third and moved well as he made nice angles and great shot selection. The forth saw Kelly seem to start enjoying himself as he danced around the ring but also stood and fought when needed. Gomez kept battling but Kelly controlled the fight with great shots.

In the fifth Kelly again worked well banging in a great shots selection to the head and body, Gomez had to dig deep in this round to see the it out. Round six saw Kelly bang in some heavy shots at the start which Gomez managed to get threw. Gomez came back with some big shots of his own but Kelly returned fire, great round to watch.

Both fighters looked tired in the seventh but both continued to bang in shots, Kelly finished the round stronger as Gomez seem to fade, Gomez managed to see the round out but his corner had the towel ready near the end as their boxer looked to be in trouble. The final round saw Kelly started fast and smashed in some cracking combinations, Kelly went though the gears and overwhelmed Gomez showed a lot of heart managing to see the final bell as Kelly looked like he had more in the tank.


Dexter – 80-72

Ref – 80-71

Kelly wins on points

Dexter’s Thoughts

Great night of boxing at Villa park, with some great fights and a few shocks. Dickens was not at his best tonight and lost a close points decision to a very good boxer. I am sure Dickens will return after this defeat and get back to his winning ways in his next flight. His fight was at super middleweight, which is not his normal division and hopefully he will be back down to his normal weight for his next one.

Gunter was very impressive tonight, he had great movement and shot selection. Gunter’s work rate was great and he is definitely one to watch. Marcus Ffrench was disappointed about his performance, I thought Ffrenchy done well, his opponent pushed him all the way and he handled it. He is fighting for a English title soon and yes he will have to step his game up as the level will be higher. But as the old saying goes you can only beat the person in front of you and that’s what Ffrench did.

Silcox looked outstanding tonight, with great movement, shot selection and a late stoppage he delivered a great performance. Silcox main weapon that night was his evil body shots which stopped Ponsford in the final round.

I was gutted for Showy Taylor who just got caught with a big shot in the second. This kind of stoppage can happen to anyone, I should know I have been dropped twice in my career and

have came back both times with more experiences and more focus. I’m sure Showy will be back and will learn form this experience and will be a better boxer for it.

Sean Daly put on a great display tonight in front of his massive support, his fans cheered him all the way as he cruised to his fourth victory and is now looking to move up to six round fights. Daly showed he is ready for this tonight and with his skills and his fan base should be moving up the ranks quickly.

Kelly really put on a great display in the main event tonight, his shot selection, moments and combinations where top class. He completed eight rounds with ease and looked like he had more in the tank. His next fight is for the super welterweight Midlands area title where he will be taking on the very talented and unbeaten Kelcie Ball. This is a fight I can not wait for as it is a real 50/50 match up, I have seen these great fighters spar each other and if the match is as good as the spar this is a fight not to be miss.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having the column at their show.

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