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Black country boxing - The Class of 2018

Black country boxing

The Class of 2018


Black Country Boxing returned to the Walsall town hall for the first time since the tragic stabbing outside the event at the World Awaits show last year. Regan Asbury who was only 19 was fatally stabbed during a disturbance that started in the event and spilled onto the streets of Walsall centre.

M.C Ben Walters who was comparing the show asked for silence to give time for people to give a moment of revelation for Regan, the BcB also had a collection for Regan's family. As well as the moment of reflection their was a 10 bell tribute to Scott Westgarth who had died after winning a boxing match the week before.

As you can imagine security was understandable very tight, with metal detectors and everyone being searched.

The show its self consisted of 4 bouts of boxing with all fights being over 4 three minute rounds with the main event being a highly anticipated pro debut for 4 times Polish medalist Damian Kiwior.

Fight 1

Alex “Pinky” Florence v Jan Korec



Florence came out firing from the start with some nice combinations and fast hands. Korec was put down by a great right hand halfway through the round, he managed to get to his feet and continue. Pinky continued his attack and soon had Korec over for a second time, again Korec got to his feet and the ref let him continue.

Florence was relentless in his attack when the fight continued, the ref jumped in and stopped the fight around the 2 and a half minutes into the first round as Korec was in no position to continue.


Florence wins first round stoppage.

Fight 2

Ryan Davis v Myles Vale


Super welterweight

Vale started the first round well and got some cracking combinations off pushing Davis back. Davis got back into the fight near the end of the round with some good shots of his own. Round 2 saw another good start for Vale who was boxing well, Davis then started going through the gears banging in some good combinations. Davis caught Vale with a lovely straight right hand which rocked him, Vale had to hold and for the rest of the round was in survival mode as Davis poured on the pressure.

Davis came out strong in the third round and was looking to end the fight, Vale moved well and covered up but continued to give Davis a fight ending the round strong. In the final round Davis came out strong again with good combinations, but Vale had came to give him a fight and fought back hard. Davis stepped up the pace and caught Vale with 2 cracking straight rights and with that the ref stepped in and stopped the fight 1 and a half minutes into the final round.


Davis wins ref stops fight.

Fight 3

Danny Ball v Chris Jenkinson


Super welterweight

Ball controlled the first round with his jab banging in some good combinations, Jenkinson kept it competitive with combinations of his own but Ball won the first round. The second was another round controlled by Ball who got the better shots off. Jenkinson continued to be a threat but was not doing enough to win the rounds.

In round three Jenkinson stepped up the pace and took the fight to Ball. Ball continued to control the fight with great shot selection but Jenkinson done enough to get a even round. The final round both fighters went for it and both had to be talked to by the ref as it started to become scrappy. Very even final round from 2 good boxers.


Dexter 40-38

Ref 39-38

Ball wins on points

Fight 4

Damian Kiwior v Anatoli Lyubenov


Super welterweight

Kiwior making his pro debut and with a nice loud following behind him controlled the ring and showed great shot selection and ring craft to win the first round. Round two Kiwior continued his great work and seemed to still have a few more gears in him as he bossed his opponent around the ring with excellent shots.

The third started to go through the gears and was putting on a great display of his boxing skills. He caught Lyubenov with some heavy shots in this round and he showed great heart in seeing out the round. The final round saw Kiwior kick it up again and his combinations and shot selection were that of a veteran, Lyubenov stood strong covered up and saw the final bell.


Dexter – 40-36

Ref 40-36

Kiwior wins on points

Dexter’s Thoughts

I’m so glad that boxing is back at Walsall town hall as I think it is one of the better venues to watch boxing at in the Birmingham and Black Country area. The Class of 2018 was a cracking show, showcasing some of the BcB’s prospects.​​

It was started by a devastating display by Alex “Pinky” Florence, Florence smashed his way to a first round stoppage with some great combinations and fast hands.


Ryan Davis then continued this in the second match of the evening stopping a very good opponent in Vale in the 4th round and picking up his forth win in four fights.


Danny Ball showed some great skill and shot selection in his fight, Jenkinson pushed him all the way and kept it competitive, but I was very impressed with Balls win.

You could tell from the first Bell that Kiwior was something special, he went through the motions well turning up the pace in every round putting on a great display of boxing. His shot selection, movement and combinations were more of a veteran than a debutante and I think he is definitely one to look out for in the future. The only thing missing from his great display of boxing was a late knockout but I’m sure there will be a few of them in his career.

Many thanks to BcB for having the column at there show the next one is at the Genting arena NEC on the 24th March “Now or Never” where Birmingham’s own Frankie Gavin head lines a great show as he challenges for the IBO super welterweight world title.

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