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Danny Ball Pro Boxer

Danny Ball Pro Boxer

Danny Ball is a 21 year old super welterweight professional boxer from Kingstwinford West Midlands. Ball who fights out of an orthodox stance standing at 5 foot 11 and has a unbeaten professional record of 4 wins with 2 coming via way of stoppage.

Danny started boxing at the age of 11 under the tutelage of Rob Wright and won 9 out of 12 fights as an amateur.

Ball also had a impressive Unlicensed career winning 15 fights out of 15 fights, he also won 2 prizefighter championships.

I asked Danny who his favourite fighter is? The unbeaten fighter told me “My favourite fighter is Ricky Hatton, I loved how he was down to earth exciting and the backing he had, a true fighter”.

My next question was what made him take up the noble art? Ball informed me “I started out boxing when I was 11 to lose weight with Rob Wright, he saw something in me and I started boxing for him but never took it to seriously as I was young”. Danny continued “Now I am training back with Rob Wright who knows me so well and Rich Ghent who I can’t speak highly enough about. He knows this game inside out and his style of training is different all the time so it keeps it interesting".

"The reason why I started boxing is because it’s always been in the family, back when my granddad boxed in the war, my uncle Shaun Cooper was a great amateur captaining England and was underrated as a pro, he was really unlucky. My brother Jamie Ball who Shaun trained as a pro had to retire through injury and everyone says I’m the better boxer with the natural talent so I have a lot to live up to with high expectations”. My final question for the unbeaten fighter was how fair do you think you can go? Danny simple replied “All the way”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I was privileged to see Danny's last fight on the BcB show Class of 2018 and have to say I was very impressed. He was boxing a very tricky and game opponent, he got the job done in a very hard fought fight. Danny done well as a amateur and was unbeaten as a unlicensed fighter which will put him in good stead in his pro career. He is 4 and 0 as a pro and from what I saw in his last fight he has the skill and the will to keep his unbeaten record and a positive attitude to move up the ranks. The Birmingham Boxing Column look forward to seeing where Ball's career goes next.

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