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Unbeaten Pro Ryan Davis

Unbeaten Pro Ryan Davis

Ryan Davies is 25 year old professional boxer from Tividale West Midlands. Davies who is known as the “Rhino” stands at 5 foot 11 and fights out of a Orthodox stance. Davis has fought at Welterweight and Super Lightweight and has an unbeaten Professional record of 4 and 0. Before turning over to the pro ranks Ryan had 7 unlicensed fights winning 5 and drawing 2.

Davis was also had an impressive Kickboxing career before turning to boxing 2 years ago, as a Kickboxer he won the English, British, commonwealth, European, intercontinental titles and won a world championships gold medal. I asked Ryan where he trains? He informed me “I train at ‘school Of Blackbelts’ in Oldbury but also do sessions with Kyle Williams who is also a pro boxer, I have a strength and conditioning coach called Ste Rhodes who also plays a massive part”.

My next question for the unbeaten prospect was who is his favourite boxer? Davis told me “My favourite boxer is George groves as I think he has a quality style and I would love to be able to emulate parts of his game into my own”. Davis continued “I’ve been training kickboxing since the age of 5 but for the last 2 years I have turned more focus into boxing and pushing on in my pro career”.

Rhino finished by telling me about his hardest fight, he said “My hardest fight was for the Kickboxing world title against a top Irish fighter who is now also an undefeated pro”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Davis is yet another Kickboxer who has made the transition to the noble art and has hit the ground running with 4 wins in his first 4 pro fights. Ryan's last fight was at Walsall town hall on the BcB show “The Class of 2018”, he looked really impressive against a tough opponent in Myles Vale who asked Davis questions but he had all the answers. Davis got his first stoppages his pro career when the ref stepped in in the final round.

Davis looks focused and has the determination to progress in the pro ranks, he had a great Kickboxing career and looks like he may be able to emulate it in his boxing career. The Birmingham Boxing Column look forward to reporting on the rest of Davis's career.

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