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International England Amateur Boxer Scott Melvin

International England Amateur Boxer Scott Melvin

Scott Melvin is Birmingham’s latest addition to the English International squad. Nick named the “Terrier” the seventeen year old from Castle Bromwich stands at 5 foot 8 and fights out of an orthodox stance. The Bantamweight has a very impressive amateur record winning 32 from 48 fights. The “Terrier” has had some impressive victory’s being crowned the Midlands area champ 6 times and winning the East Midlands box cup.

This year Scott made his international England debut, he told the column “The kid who I fought had around 30 international contests and many thought I won, but come up short on a split decision”. Melvin boxes out of Eastside gym ABC he said “this is my 5th gym and the best gym by far that I have been too”.

Scott who is trained by Paul Counihan and his son Louie Counihan at Eastside told the column his favourite boxer is Floyd Mayweather. Melvin said “I like him because he was so smart not just inside the ring but outside it to. He has done things and took chances like other people wouldn’t and because of how he had an answer to every problem and he could solve any puzzle in the ring”. Scott continued “At present my favourite boxer is Canelo because of how he has came back from the Floyd defeat I think the Mayweather defeat made Canelo the boxer who he is today and I tip him to beat GGG in the rematch”. I then asked Scott, what is the best fight you have seen? He told me “Roman Gonzalez vs Carlos Cuadras ,I love the little fast combination boxers that have great fights”.

Melvin who has been boxing for over 7 years told me he always wanted to do boxing from a young age and he went to many clubs but they all said he couldn’t start until he was 10, so when he reached 10 his boxing journey began. I then asked Scott, what has been your hardest fight? He informed me “my hardest fight was about 2 years into my boxing career and I travelled away for a club show and I was ill. I had a little boxer that was non stop pressure for 3 rounds, he just kept throwing and didn’t let me off for one second. I had to work for the whole fight, I was so exhausted because of his style which wasn't helped that I was ill. That played a big part but I still came out with a majority decision win”. My final question to this very talented boxer was, have you got aspersions of turning over to the professional ranks and if so when do you think you will? Melvin replied “Yes I definitely want to turn over to the pro ranks, that’s why I’m in it. I'm just not sure when I will turn over because I am on the right path to go to major tournaments as an amateur so if I can get on to team GB as an amateur then I will try and go for the big major tournaments as an amateur. If I don’t get on to team GB then I will do a few years as a senior as an amateur then turn pro around 20 or 21”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Scott has been smashing it as an amateur for Eastside under the expert tutelage of Paul and Louie Counilan. He has won the Midlands area title 6 times which is impressive in itself but has also fought at international level for England. This very talented boxer has aspersions of turning over to the pro ranks and so he should. Scott has a plan of action to get on team GB and enter the big tournaments heightening his profile in the boxing world which will put him in good stead for when he does turn pro. He has also a plan B like every good boxer should have and if for some mad reason he does not make team GB he will stay in the sensors for a few years and turn over when he is 20-21. The Birmingham Boxing Column will look forward to reporting on Scott “The Terrier” Melvin’s continued amateur career and looks forward to seeing him joining the pro ranks in the next few years.

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