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Now or Never BcB Promotions Genting Arena

Now or Never BcB Promotions Genting Arena

Black Country Boxing promotions held thier first ever arena show at the Genting arena Resorts World. With four titles on the line one Midlands area, one Central area and joint headlining the show two IBO Continental titles up for grabs, the show also included a packed undercard of local boxing talent. Comparing on the night was BcB's regular Ben Walters and with the stunning Heather and Georgia as ring girls the stage was set for a great night of championship boxing.

Fight 1 Shakan Pitters v Elvis Dube Cruiserweight 4x3

Nice controlled round by Pitters to start the night off using a nice sharp jab and some stiff right hands and great movement to win the first round. In round two Pitters again moved well popping out the jab, Dube did put some pressure on but nothing to bother Pitters. The third saw Pitters again control the round as he started to bang home some heavy shots, Dube battled on but was just being out classed by Shakan's shot selection. Pitters really put the hurt on Dube rocking him several times in the final round, to Dubes credit he took the shots well but could only cover up to see the round out.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref 40-36 Pitters wins points

Fight 2 Matt Sen v Kevin Williams Cruiserweight 4x3

Sen bossed the first round from start to finish with some heavy hands and nice combinations with them all ending with a nice left hook. The second saw Sen again controlled the round taking the centre of the ring and boxing well. Williams seemed shocked on his debut as Sen won the round with ease. Sen started the third round well but Williams did get some good shots off, but this did not deter Sen from walking him down. In the final round Williams started to move well around the ring shooting out jabs. Sen continued to walk him down and applied pressure.


Dexter 40-37 Ref 40-36 Sen wins on points

Fight 3 Tommy Loach v MJ Hall Super welterweight 4x3

Good start by both boxers, both having joy and getting there shots off, Loach edged the first for me, but very impressive round by both fighters. The second round was a cracker with both fighters getting great shots off. Hall won this round for me showing great grit and shot selection. Round three was another toe two toe round with both boxers giving thier all, Loach just edappl this one with the better work. What a great final round, this fight could have been fought in a phone boxes, Hall got this round with the better work rate.


Dexter 38-38 Ref 39-39 Draw

Fight 4 Mussab Abubaker v Paul Cummings Super welterweight 4x3

Abubaker with a noisy fan base behind him started the round strong, as the round settled down Cummings got his jab working well but it was Abubaker round. Cummings moved well around the ring in the second with Abubaker staking him banging in some nice shots. In the third Cummings had a go at the start of the round and got some good shots off. Abubaker seemed to relish the challenge and came back with some heavy shots of his own. Cummings got on his toes, but had to take some good shots in this round. In the final round Cummings continued to box well but was just out powered and out worked by Abubaker who continued to pile on the pressure.


Dexter 40-36 Ref 40-36 Abubaker wins on points

Fight 5 Tommy Ghent v Arvydas Trizono Super welterweight 4x3

Steady start by Ghent who used his jab well to control the ring and got some nice flashy combinations off. Ghent controlled the second round with some stinging jabs and lovely one, twos then dropping down to the body. The third round was controlled by Ghent who banged in some nice combinations and won the round with ease. The final round saw Ghent cruise to victory putting some great combination together but never really having to step through the gears.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Ghent wins on points

Fight 6 Kelcie Ball v Jordan Grannum Super welterweight 6x3

Ball went through the gear in the first with some nice combinations and shot selection. As his fans cheered him on in the second round, Ball made Grannum earn his pay by banging in some nice combinations. The third round saw Ball work hard and again won the round with ease. Grannum began to talk to Ball to draw him into a mistake but it did not work. Ball continued to put pressure on in the forth, Grannum could only cover up and see the round out. In the fifth round Ball powered his way through and really dominated his opponent. The final round saw Ball continue his excellent work to have a shut out victory.


Dexter 60-54 Ref 60-54 Ball wins on points

Fight 7 Kashmir Ali v David Howe Central area Heavyweight title 10x3

Ali got off to a steady start pawing away at Howe with his jab, Ali banged in some nice body shots as well with Howe seeming to just wanting to see what his opponent had to offer. At the start of the second round Howe found out what Ali had to offer as he was caught with a viscous right hook which put him down. Howe attempt to get to his feet but when he did manage to get to his feet the referee waved the contest off as he was in no fit state to continue.


Second round Knockout Ali New Central area Heavyweight champion

Fight 8 Kyle Williams v Jordan Turner Midlands area Bantamweight title 10x3

Williams confidence shone through from the start as he put great combinations together. Turner Battled hard but could not match Williams in this round. Williams was on top form at the start of the second with great shot selection. Turner did come back with some good shots of his own but not enough to win the round. In the second Williams was on top from the start with great combinations. Turner did get some shots off but not enough to win the round. The third round began with Turner starting brightly, but it was short lived as Williams continued his good work. Turner did catch Williams with some good counters off the ropes but it was Williams round again.

Round four was a close one with Turner picking up the pace and taking the centre of the ring. Williams moved well and got some cracking combinations off but Turner caught him with nice combinations of his own, Williams still edged the round for me. Turner just always seemed one step behind Williams in the fifth as he showed loads of bottle and heart as Williams showed the better quality boxing. In round six Turner continued to show grit and determination but Williams was starting to dismantle him with great movement to make him miss and some outstanding combinations with every shot landing.

Round seven was a hard round for Turner as Williams stepped up the pace and banged in some cracking combinations. The ref could have stopped this fight several times in this round and really should of as Turner continued to show a warriors heart and was never going to give up. At the end of round seven Turner’s corner done the right thing and pulled man out of the fight, Turner looked disheveled as he was kept on his stood, but did get to his feet so the ref could raise Williams hand in victory.their


Williams wins corner retires fighter

Fight 9 Andrew Robinson v Nick Jenman IBO Middleweight Continental title 10x3

Cracking start to this title fight with both boxers starting fast and strong, both close rounds with both fighters getting there shots off. I would have to give Jenman the first two rounds but they were very close. In the third Robinson took the centre of the ring and controlled the first part of the round, Jenman came back with shots of his own but this was Robinson’s round. Robinson turned up the pace in the forth and really tested Jenman's resolve banging in some hurtful combinations that all ended in nice body shots. Jenman took them Well and showed great heart and came back with shots of his own, but this was Robinson's round.

Round five and six’s saw Robinson continuing his good work and was putting his shots together well. Robinson seemed to be moving through the gears and was showing a great will to win with some nice body shots, Jenman continued to battle hard but he had seemed to have switched off a bit. In round seven Jenman came back to life and showed great heart and bottle as he battle hard against Robinson who could sense victory. Robinson continued to pour the pressure on Jenman but he boxed well and countered to get a share of the round.

At the start of round eight Jenman had some joy with some nice fast combinations, Robinson continued to pressure and bang in some good combinations but Jenman shared another round. In round nine Jenman kept battling away and got some great shots off catching Robinson clean. Robinson continued to press and work hard but had a point deducted for hitting after a break had been called which he had done a few time in the match. The tenth and final round was Robinson’s he put everything he had left in to the round and looked at times to have Jenman going catching him with some big shots. Jenman moved away and covered up to see the last round out.


Judge 1-96-94 Judge 2 -96-93 Judge 3 -95-95 Dexter 97-94

Robinson win Majority decision

Fight 10 Craig Morris v Andy Keates IBO super welterweight Continental title 10x3

A frantic start to the first round with both boxers getting good shots off, Keates just nicked the round. The second was another high passed round with both fighters working hard and getting there shots off, Keates just got this round for me. At the start of the third round Morris sustained a cut above his right eye due to a accidental clash of heads, the ref got the doctor to look at the cut and after a good inspection allowed the fight to carry on. This seem to make Morris more active as both boxer went at it for the whole of the round with both boxers covered in blood at the bell with Morris edging this round for me. The ref then took the decision to stop the fight due to the accidental clash of heads.


Technical Draw

Dexter’s Thoughts

Black Country Boxing have put on their first arena show and what a show it was. After so many set backs starting with Frankie Gavin's injury, then the show being move back a month then Gavin's fight being cancelled the show looked doomed. Black Country boxing continued with the show and had 1500 plus at the Genting arena, with 4 great title fights and a cracking undercard it was a great night of boxing. There were some good wins for Pitters who started the show, Ball who had a good six round victory also Ghent and Abubaker winning in fine style. The Loach and Hall fight was worth the entrance fee it self both fighter gave it there all and I was really impressed with both of them and they should definitely do this again. I was also very impressed with Matt Sen who boxed the best I have seen him in his three fights. He is improving each time I am seeing him and as one of his sparing partner for this camp I am chuffed in his performance. Ali won the Central heavyweight title with a great second round stoppage keeping his unbeaten record. Kyle Williams put on a great display of boxing and claiming the Bantamweight Midlands area title, he showed some great style and skill with some great combinations to win this fight. I would also have to give his opponent Turner respect for showing heart and determination as he gave it his all. In the first main event was for the IBO Continental middleweight title between Andrew Robinson against Nick Jenman, this was a great fight where both fighters left everything in the ring. Robinson won on a majority decision with one of the judges giving it a draw and the other two going for Robinson. I like both these boxers and know how hard Jenman had trained for this fight, but I did have Robinson winning this fight by a few rounds. The second main event for the IBO Continental super welterweight title ended in a disappointing technical draw due to a accidental class of heads, I hope Morris and Keates get this on again as it was brewing to be a great fight.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank BcB for there hospitality and look forward to there next show.

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