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  • Dexter Hastings/James Deen

Ring Wars 3

Ring Wars 3

Fightden, Blood Sweat & Tears


Fightden in association with Blood Sweat and Tears promotions held there first show of 2018 “Ring Wars 3” at the H-Suite Edgbaston with a undercard of 11 fights consisting of 3 X 2 minute rounds. The main event was myself Dexter Hastings against Neil Rigby, with the vacant SPBF British Heavyweight title and the Bbcolumn challenge belt sponsored by Bodsquad over 6 X 2 minute rounds. The first six fights are written by myself, the final six are written up by fellow columnist James Deen.

Fight 1 Richard Young v Ryan Catright 3x2

Good start by Young who got some good body shots off with Catright coming back strong at the end. The second was another good round for both fighters with both getting good shots off. The final round saw Young come out strong and bang in some evil body shots, Catright went down and took a eight count. When the ref told them to box on Young went back to the body and dropped him again with body shots therefore then stopped the fight.

Result Young wins 3rd round stoppage

Fight 2 Clayton Fox v Scott Rigby 3x2

Busy round for both boxers with Fox winning the 1st round with the cleaner work. In the second Fox went to work from the start, Rigby seemed to be blowing a bit but stood tall to see the round out. In the final round Rigby showed great heart and determination but Fox was just the better boxer banging in one twos and body shots.

Result Fox wins on points

Fight 3 Ibby “The Black McGregor” v Ibby Virgo 3x2

McGregor banged out one, twos after one, twos, Virgo had joy but McGregor won the round for me. In the second Virgo came out strong and got some great shots off, McGregor with his unorthodox style came back and won the round convincingly. In the final round Virgo came out strong again but could not cope with McGregor's style but managed to get a draw of this round.

Result Virgo wins on points Refs decision

Fight 4 Michael Sweeny v Tom Gilder 3x2

Sweeny came out fighting and got his shots off well, he put Gilder down with a cracking combinations which ended in a heavy body shot. The ref stopped the fight as Gilder could not continue.

Result Sweeny wins 1st round stoppage

Fight 5 Dave Trimmins v Ben Harry 3x2

Good boxing by both fighters, both got a share of the first round. The second was another good round, Trimmins put Hadey down halfway through the round with a nice body shot, Hadey got up at the count of 8 and was able to see the round out. In the final round both boxers worked hard to the final bell.

Result Trimmins win points

Fight 6 Zhinco Singh v Michi Tanner