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  • Dexter Hastings/James Deen

Ring Wars 3

Ring Wars 3

Fightden, Blood Sweat & Tears


Fightden in association with Blood Sweat and Tears promotions held there first show of 2018 “Ring Wars 3” at the H-Suite Edgbaston with a undercard of 11 fights consisting of 3 X 2 minute rounds. The main event was myself Dexter Hastings against Neil Rigby, with the vacant SPBF British Heavyweight title and the Bbcolumn challenge belt sponsored by Bodsquad over 6 X 2 minute rounds. The first six fights are written by myself, the final six are written up by fellow columnist James Deen.

Fight 1 Richard Young v Ryan Catright 3x2

Good start by Young who got some good body shots off with Catright coming back strong at the end. The second was another good round for both fighters with both getting good shots off. The final round saw Young come out strong and bang in some evil body shots, Catright went down and took a eight count. When the ref told them to box on Young went back to the body and dropped him again with body shots therefore then stopped the fight.

Result Young wins 3rd round stoppage

Fight 2 Clayton Fox v Scott Rigby 3x2

Busy round for both boxers with Fox winning the 1st round with the cleaner work. In the second Fox went to work from the start, Rigby seemed to be blowing a bit but stood tall to see the round out. In the final round Rigby showed great heart and determination but Fox was just the better boxer banging in one twos and body shots.

Result Fox wins on points

Fight 3 Ibby “The Black McGregor” v Ibby Virgo 3x2

McGregor banged out one, twos after one, twos, Virgo had joy but McGregor won the round for me. In the second Virgo came out strong and got some great shots off, McGregor with his unorthodox style came back and won the round convincingly. In the final round Virgo came out strong again but could not cope with McGregor's style but managed to get a draw of this round.

Result Virgo wins on points Refs decision

Fight 4 Michael Sweeny v Tom Gilder 3x2

Sweeny came out fighting and got his shots off well, he put Gilder down with a cracking combinations which ended in a heavy body shot. The ref stopped the fight as Gilder could not continue.

Result Sweeny wins 1st round stoppage

Fight 5 Dave Trimmins v Ben Harry 3x2

Good boxing by both fighters, both got a share of the first round. The second was another good round, Trimmins put Hadey down halfway through the round with a nice body shot, Hadey got up at the count of 8 and was able to see the round out. In the final round both boxers worked hard to the final bell.

Result Trimmins win points

Fight 6 Zhinco Singh v Michi Tanner

With a big crowd behind him boxed well behind his jab and won the first round. In the second Tanner got some good right hands off at the start and continue to get good shots off winning the round. Tanner got some good shots off at the start of the final round but was caught by Zhinco with a big straight right hand, as the ref started to count Tanner’s corner through in the towel.

Result Zhinco wins 3rd round stoppage

Fight 7 Jamie Long v Dan Yates 3x2

In a hard fought fight with Long putting Yates down, Long came out on top with great style and movement and a will to win.


Long wins on points

Fight 8 Jagdeep Puphitis v Conner Catright 3x2

Hard fought fight where both fighters gave it there all and could not be separated on the cards.

Result Draw

Fight 9 Josh Hodgins v Michael Fitzpatrick 3x2

In this epic rematch with the first ending in a draw these two warriors could not be separated as they battled over 3 rounds to another draw.

Result Draw

Fight 10 Jason Puphitis v Josh Latimer 3x2

Puphitis worked as and controlled the fight from start to finish ending in a 2nd round Knockout.


Puphitis wins 2nd round Knockout

Fight 11 Lincoln McLean v Joe Mogg 3x2

Easy work for McLean tonight with a first round stoppage with some cracking combinations. McLean wins 1st round stoppage


McLean Wins 1st round stoppage

Fight 12 Main Event SPBF British Heavyweight title Bbcolumn Heavyweight challenge belt

Dexter Hastings v Neil Rigby 6x2 Report by James Deen

At the start of the first round Rigby mixed it up, Dexter smiles as both boxers were looking sharp sizing each other up. Rigby seemed to start to gas when on the offensive. In round 2 eagle eyes Dexter kept Rigby on the back foot with his flicking jab. Rigby let off some big shots but never caught Dexter with any of them, close round. In the third both boxers were straight into the action, Rigby goaded Dexter after he had been caught with a short body shot. Dexter worked hard but Rigby wouldn't back down.

Rigby open up at the start of the forth but hit air as Dexter’s movement and defence was on point, Dexter’s arms then dropped his head went forward and controlled the round. Rigby's best shot of the round came right on just after the bell rang to end the round. In the fifth Rigby was clearly tired and was leaning on Dexte until the ref split them. Dexter still looked strong, Rigby opened his arms out enticing Dexter in, Dexter could see Rigby was tired and just controlled the round. The sixth and final round saw Rigby holding and grabbing as he was clearly gassing. Dexter looked for an opening, Rigby was now running on heart, Dexter was still in control at the final bell.

Result Deen – Hastings Judge – Rigby

Rigby crowned SPBF British Heavyweight and Bbcolumn Heavyweight Challenge belt champion Judge decision.

Fight footage below

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great night of boxing with some great results and some controversial ones as well. Young and Fox got great wins to start the show off with both impressing me. I thought Ibby “The black McGregor” was a clear winner in the third fight, but the ref favoured Virgo. Great stoppage by Sweeny in the forth fight, with Trimmins and Zhinco winning the fifth and sixth fights. At this point I went to the dressing room to get ready for my fight, but was told about the fights as the boxers returned to the room after. I was chuffed to hear that Jamie Long had won his fight and also put his opponent down. Jamie is a young lad who I think can go very far and will be up there challenging for titles very soon. He is by far not the finished article and my even be able to drop down a weight but he is definitely one to watch out for. Purwell and Catright fought till a draw in the seventh fight, there was also the big rematch with Hodgins and Fitzpatrick going at it again ending in another draw. I know how hard Hodgins trained for this fight and the struggle he has had with his shoulder. He has proved his shoulder is fixed and I look forward to seeing him fight again soon. Fight ten saw Puphitis get a stoppage victory in his debut fight with in fight eleven seeing McLean getting a first round stoppage. All in all a very impressive show.

As for the main event I can not lie I was very disappointed in the result, it was not one of my best performance’s admittedly didn't really get out of second gear, but when the final bell rang I had myself 2 rounds up and after watching it back I would have myself 3 up. But this is boxing and it is all about perspective and how people see the fight, a lot of people came up to me after the fight and have contacted me to tell me they thought I won the fight, but at the end of the day it is what the judge see’s and he picked Rigby as the winner.

As fights went it was very scrappy which suited Rigby but I thought I did more than enough to win the fight between all the holding when I was allowed to box. I will give Neil a lot of respect as he stuck to a game plan and for someone who is known for dirty fighting kept it quite clean. He did surprise me and I definitely underestimated him as he done the six rounds and showed loads of heart as I could see him tiring in the later rounds. He has earned my respect and I wish him all the best in what ever he choices to do.

As for me I had said before that this fight was my last one and at the age of 47 old father time is starting to catch up with me. I have won 5 titles at two different weights and have been in over 10 title fights (all against ticket sellers I may add, no journey men). I have had 20 bouts of boxing, I have nothing left to prove and think it is time to call it a day. This has been a long camp and I have picked up numerous injuries on the way (not all from training), so I think it is time to take a good rest from training to get myself back into working order so I can come back and help the next generation of boxers progress and pass on the knowledge and skills I have.

I will continue to build Birmingham’s number 1 Boxing website and report on as many shows as possible and Interview as many boxers as I can.

I would like to thank my trainers firstly Paddy and Dean Martin who worked with me from the start and have guided me since I was a kid and have been there in some of my finest hours, I class you as family and always will.

Also all at Fightden, my trainer Mr Cogan, you got me back into the game, gave me some great advice and prolonged my career getting me two more title fights, many thanks for the opportunity.

To my sparring partners there have been too many over the years to name you all, but ones that spring to mind are Paul Hanlon, Pete McCormick, Bomber Martin and Ada from Paddy's Gym. From Fightden I have to thank Malcolm Stowe, Shaun Duffy, Marcus Carter, Josh Hodgins, Nathan Stevens, Matt Sen, Jamie Long, Ben Fields and last but by no means least Jordan Lynch. You have all traded blows with me and I have learnt something from you all.

Finally to all the people who have came to support me and have followed me through the ups and the downs of my career. The Dexter cry has got me though some hard times in the ring and it means the world to me that I have always had such a great support, you are the main reason i have continued for so long.

Thank you to every single one of you #fearnofoe #nofoeslefttofear

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