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Friday the 13th MTK/ TOPromotions

Friday the 13th MTK/TOPromotions 13/4/18

MTK Birmingham in association with TOPromotions held a joint show at the Holiday Inn Soilhull. The show was called “Friday the 13th” and consisted of 4 bouts of boxing with three of the fights being over four times three minute rounds and the main event being over 8 times three minute rounds. Starting the show you had the talented Aaron Lovell from Erdington followed by MTK’s Middleweight Anthony Manning and new to the column Mitch Redmond fighting at Cruiserweight. The main event was a 8 round British Challenge belt title fight between Bbcolumn’s boxer to watch who is unbeaten as a pro James Beech Jr taking on also unbeaten Paul Gidney. With a great atmosphere and a buzz in the air the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Aaron Lovell v Dylan Draper 10.8. 4x3. 10.6. Super welterweight

From the first bell Lovell dominated the round with great shot selection, movement and flashy combinations. In the second round Lovell just did what he liked putting in fast combinations and picking his shots well, all Draper could do is cover up.

The third round saw Draper who was a bloody mess have to cover up and go into survival mode as Lovell smashed in combination after combination. Round four saw Lovell continue the master class with Draper just looking to see the final bell.

Result Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 49-36

Lovell wins on points

Fight 2 Anthony Manning v Duane Green 11.4. 4x3. 11.3 Middleweight

Steady start by both fighters in the first round, Manning took control in the later part of the round to win it. Manning started the second round well taking the fight to Green, Green asked some questions in the later part of the round to even it up.

In the third Green continued to put pressure on Manning who's work rate had seemed to dip, Green caught him with some nice shots to win this round. Greens confidence had grown after the last round as he pressed, pressured and out worked Manning to win the final round.

Result Dexter - 38-39 Ref 39-39

Result A Draw

Fight 3 Mitch Redmond v Richard Harrison 13.2. 4x3. 13.1 Cruiserweight

Both fighters got there shots off well in the first round and it was a nice steady start to the fight, Redmond just edged the round with the cleaner shots. Redmond stepped up the pace in the second round and picked his shots well, Harrison covered up and was always a threat.

Redmond showed again great shot selection in the third, Harrison got some good combinations off of his own but Redmond edged this close round for me. Harrison started the final round brightly flicking out the jab and moving well. Redmond then took over with some heavy combinations that slowed Harrison down. Harrison fought with a lot of heart till the final bell.

Result Dexter – 40-36 Ref 40-37

Redmond wins on points.

Fight 4 James Beech Jr v Paul Gidney

8.10 8x3. 8.5 British Challenge belt featherweight title