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Kane Baker professional Boxer

Kane Baker professional Boxer

Kane Baker is a 27 year old boxer from Birmingham, the orthodox fighter has had 20 white collar/unlicensed fights winning 15 of them. Kane who is five foot eight told me he had won some titles in white collar/unlicensed boxing, but had never fought as a amateur. As a professional boxer Kane known as “The Shadow” has had 9 fights winning six of then, one of his defeats was to hot prospect Connor Benn son of former world champ Nigel Benn. Baker is now boxing out of Wednesbury Gym as a pro, but all his white collar training was with Ian Walker who he stills does some training with.

I asked Kane who his favourite boxer was and why? He informed me “my favourite boxer would haveto be Mike Tyson and Ricky Hatton, Tyson for viciousness and Hatton for his bodywork and relationship with his fans. When I asked him, what has been the best fight he had saw? He said “Carrilo vs Castillo, I don’t need to say why, everyone just watch it.Baker has been boxing since he was 20 and told me about how he started in the noble art. He told me “I have always loved following and watching boxing and took it up as a hobby which became a habit that's rollover like crazy to take me to the professional ranks”.

My final question to Kane was, what has been you hardest fight and why? He answered straight away with “my hardest fight was definitely Connor Benn, not just the fight but the whole build up, atmosphere and everything surrounding it was at an elite level. I'm sure this experience will only hold me in good stead in future”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Kane has come form the unlicensed ranks and has not shirked any challenge that has been put in front of him. He has appeared on boxnation and been in the main event on Sky Sports against hot prospect Connor Benn. I caught up with Kane at the press conference at for “On Neutral Ground” where he will be on the undercard of the British title fight between champion Tommy Langford and challenger Jason Welborn at Walsall town hall on the 4th May. He told me he was just buzzing to be on another big show and was just a massive fan of boxing and can not believe how much he has done already. I have got a lot of time for all the boxers who do it the hard way coming through the White collar/unlicensed ranks to turn pro. Baker is one of these lads and he is enjoying the experience of being a professional boxer and is loving it. I look forward to seeing him on the 4th May at this massive show for the Midlands.

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